Why Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Matters at GSR Cleaning

Why Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Matters at GSR Cleaning?

Face mask, face covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are now essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. These days are indeed trying times for the human race. Melbourne, like other places in the world, was put into a lockdown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within Victoria and across borders.


So, strict adherence to Victorian laws concerning health and safety was imposed and must be observed at all times. As of July 19, 2020, wearing face masks, face coverings, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and extending the state of emergency have been placed. Furthermore, all residents are required to follow with strict governance. 


Face Mask and Face Covering

Face mask and face covering are now a must if you are residing within Melbourne Metro and Mitchell Shire or if you are traveling to and from these areas. Hence, face masks should be worn at all times to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Aside from that, physical social distancing of at least 1.5 meters should be strictly observed to prevent close contacts.


Starting on 11.59 pm, Wednesday 22 July 2020, wearing of face coverings is a must and you are only allowed to leave home for essentials such as shopping for food and supplies, care and caregiving, exercise and outdoor recreation, study and work (if you can’t do it from home).


Although this is strictly enforced, there are instances where not wearing a face mask is considered – if you have medical reasons, if you’re under the age of 12, professional reasons, if it’s not practical, for example running. You will still need to carry a face covering at all times to wear before and after exercise.


As of this writing, the fine for not wearing or carrying a face covering will be $200.


Everyone outside metropolitan Melbourne is also encouraged to wear face masks if social distancing is compromised and if traveling to and from metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. For more and latest updates on Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions, please refer here.


Does the face mask you wear matters? Yes, all the time. So, please remember that face masks are not a fashion statement. The quality of face mask you wear most of the time determines your level of protection against COVID-19. Below are types of face masks according to its protection efficiency:


How GSR Cleaning Helps Fight the Spread

Although the restrictions imposed by the government of Victoria for coronavirus have gone stern, few essential services are permitted to operate to help Victorians the safest way possible including the cleaning sector.


GSR Cleaning has placed extreme measures during this health crisis to ensure the safety of our office staff, cleaners, and our dear customers. Each of our team members is eager to help make Victoria COVID-free. We operate at full observance of the laws of Victoria and make sure that:


  • Our cleaners and staff use proper face coverings such as N95 and surgical masks which are both highly recommended barriers against transmission of COVID-19. 
  • It is mandatory for us to face mask, face covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within hotspot zones to safeguard our cleaners and everyone that we deal with.
  • Physical social distancing is followed of at least 1.5 meters within our cleaners and customers to avoid close contact.
  • Handwashing is practiced and we disinfect frequently touched surfaces to kill traces of coronavirus that lurks around.
  • We monitor updates of coronavirus restrictions within Victoria and Australian Standards. This is to keep us abreast of the latest developments and inform all our cleaners and staff accordingly.
  • Our team strictly complies with the 14-day quarantine for anyone who may have contracted or show symptoms of infection. Only cleaners at their optimal health will be cleaning your premises.
  • Cleaners servicing within the hotspot areas are not allowed to service outside hotspot areas and vice versa.




If each of us does our bit, together we can defeat the spread of the coronavirus. GSR Cleaning provides the safest cleaning service aligned with the Australian COVID-19 Guidelines in the Cleaning Industry and latest Victoria Restrictions. Our team uses Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  to keep our office staff, cleaners, and our dear customers safe. Therefore, you can count on us for all your cleaning needs. Stay safe, stay home, and save lives!


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