How to Clean and Store Your Wedding Dress

If you, like the millions of women store your wedding dress as it is without sending it for dry-cleaning, you’re making a huge mistake. Though it’s a feeling of nostalgia to keep the dress as it is, you are actually damaging it in the long run. Perspiration, perfume and food particles leave a smell and residue on the dress, which if not cleaned up will later damage the fabric of the dress. So, the first thing to do is to send your dress to the dry cleaner atleast 2 weeks after the wedding. Here are some tips to clean and store your wedding dress.

– Send Your Dress to an Experienced Dry Cleaner

Since it’s your wedding dress, don’t just send it to any random dry-cleaner. Make sure you choose someone who has experience in dry cleaning bridal clothes. It may be expensive, but it could be worth it. Don’t get your dress spoiled, just to save some bucks.

– Inspect Your Dress After It’s Done

Once the dress is done, do make sure you inspect the dress carefully especially if you have had any incident of a food or drink spill. Take care of stains and make sure they are all removed properly.

– Discuss the Wash and Clean with the Dress Maker

When purchasing the dress, do make sure you discuss the wash and clean details with the dress maker. If possible, ask them if they can direct you to an expert dry cleaning service. This is especially important if the dress has intricate embellishment that needs special care.

You’ve had your dress cleaned – now what?


Ok. So, you’ve had the dress cleaned. Now what? Storing a wedding dress requires special attention. There are a number of creative ideas to use when storing your dress. You can put it in zipped plastic bag or you can cover it with soft tissue papers and store it in a decorative box, designed to be handled down generations. Do make sure to remove any safety pins or metal objects on the dress as over time it could rust and spoil the dress.

Now, this is an additional thing you need to do. Once in a while, take out the dress and check up on it. Sometimes, leaving a dress as it is will cause it to turn yellow. If the dress is crumpled or has some hard crease, do iron it again and change the storage option. Its better if you store the dress in a cardboard box instead of a plastic box, because plastic containers usually develop moisture and the dress can develop mildew. Its necessary for the dress to have some breathing room – if not, the moisture will result in a mildew and cause a pungent smell. Do not store the dress in a dark place like an attic or basement. Your wardrobe is the best spot for it or better yet a suitcase.

With these basic tips, preserve your dress and keep it as fresh and lively as it is now, if you’d like your future daughter to wear it for their wedding!

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