Vinyl Floor Sealer

Vinyl floors are often used in areas with high-traffic such as the living room and kitchen of a house or office spaces in commercial areas where people and other items go to and fro all the time of the day and night. With its high tolerance for stress and scratches, vinyl tiles are proven durable and one of the cheapest types of flooring.

Vinyl tiles are made up of layers of sealant for protection and easy cleaning. If the sealant is damaged or worn out over time, it is highly necessary to re-seal the affected parts to prevent exposure of the vinyl itself.

Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal at GSR Cleaning

Having a hard time to maintain your vinyl floors? Whether you are using it at home or in a commercial area, you would certainly need a few know-how’s to strip and seal it. A Worn out sealant can definitely give an opportunity for damaged flooring.

To avoid further damage, vinyl floor strip and seal at GSR Cleaning is your one-stop solution to fix your vinyl floors.

Vinyl Floor Stripping

Stripping vinyl floors requires solutions that are made to remove sealers or polish on floors, making it soft to easily remove the layers especially those that are already damaged and needs replacement. GSR Cleaning uses eco-friendly solutions that do not harm the environment and people. We also remove wax and other coatings on top of vinyl tiles.

Vinyl Floor Sealing

Prior to re-sealing the vinyl tiles, we clean the surface first and ensure that is free of any materials that may damage or prevent the seal from permanently fasten on the vinyl. We use GSR Cleaning solutions to effectively clean the surface and apply the top quality sealer that will last longer. Multiple layers of sealers are applied and make a glossy finish as if there are no sealers at all and only displays the vinyl design.

GSR Cleaning only provides vinyl and seal service with the lowest and affordable price. Let us know what you need and we will discuss the prices upfront.

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