Bathroom Cleaning in Melbourne

Bathroom Cleaning in Melbourne

Bathroom Cleaning in Melbourne

Are you facing difficulty in keeping your bathroom sparkling clean or odor-free? Bathroom cleaning is a really very tough task. People generally forget to clean every corner of the bathroom or sometimes people don’t want to clean this dirty place so, they just do a kind of formality while cleaning but your careless cleaning habit can be dangerous to your health. Don’t show this careless attitude while bathroom cleaning. You should maintain a daily routine of cleaning and must follow some cleaning hacks.

Five Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

  • Odor Removal in Melbourne

    To remove unwanted smells from your bathroom, you should open a window whenever it is possible, to pass air from the bathroom or keep your bathroom fan on.

  • Cleaning Mould in Melbourne

    Twice or thrice cleaning in a week of your bathroom by cleaning products can be helpful in removing mold.

  • Mirror Cleaning in Melbourne

    Daily cleaning of your bathroom’s mirror will be helpful to remove unwanted spots that occur while using.

  • Toilet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Scrub your toilet twice in a week from outside & inside by cleaning the product to make it clean. For scrubbing the dirty pots use a good quality brush.

  • Cleaning Floor in Melbourne

    Daily cleaning of your bathroom floor leads to reduce various dust & bacteria and it will be helpful to maintain your bathroom hygiene.

Don’t Like it?

You are not the only one who doesn’t like bathroom cleaning. If you don’t like it, then hire a professional cleaner. Various cleaning company is giving cleaning services now a day in Melbourne.

Get Fantastic Bathroom Cleaning Services

Least Favourite Area To Clean

Least Favourite Area To Clean


Bathroom Cleaning in Melbourne is now easy! You don’t need to clean your bathroom; we at GSR Cleaning Services are here to give you a splendid cleaning service. We have an expert team with many years of experience in cleaning. Our cleaning charges will definitely match your budget. For getting additional information you can visit on our website or you can.


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Hiring A Professional Cleaner For Move Out Cleaning

Hiring A Professional Cleaner For Move Out Cleaning

Hiring A Professional Cleaner For Move Out Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning is an overwhelming process; you need sufficient time to do it. You have to check all the things before the move in into another city. It is necessary to clean your current flat before the shift to a new one. It is kind of a headache for those who are renters because they need to take back their deposit money, but this amount will be returned by the owner only when all the rooms will be cleaned & in a perfect condition.


Here are some tips which will be very helpful for you at the time of move out :

Complete Packing :

Before cleaning your current flat you need to do complete packing of your stuff because if you clean the flat before packing, then again at the time of packing all the rooms will become messy & dirty. Therefore, your first task is to do complete packing of your luggage.

Clean All The Wardrobes :

After packing lots of waste materials is collected in the wardrobes, it is good to clean it properly & dump all the waste material into the dustbin.

Clean Top Ceiling :

After cleaning wardrobes, the next place for cleaning is the top ceiling. Never forget this place ever, it is very noticeable place & your homeowner will never like dirty top ceilings. But one thing keeps in your mind that at the time of top cleaning must take safety precautions.

Windows Cleaning :

After top cleaning, clean your windows glass & frames with the help of soft cotton clothes. A window should be clean & shiny so that your homeowner did not have any kind of problem regarding the cleanliness of your rooms.

Clean The Kitchen & Bathrooms :

Yes, this is the most important place where your homeowner will definitely check before returning your deposit money. So, must scrub the tiles of bathroom & kitchen & clean the sinks.

Vacuuming The Floors :

Last, you need to clean the entire room of your current flat because after packing lots of dust & dirty materials collected and you can’t leave it as it is. So, the best way is to sweep all the rooms before leaving your current flat.


All the above things are not an easy task for anyone, but you can make it easier by hiring a professional cleaner for move out cleaning. A professional cleaner will always take care of all things, not only that they will also help you in your packing and at the time of move-in cleaning. GSR Cleaning Service is one of them; our cleaners are highly professional & very decent.


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Bathroom Cleaning Within 30 Minutes

Bathroom Cleaning Within 30 Minutes

Bathroom Cleaning Within 30 Minutes

A bathroom is a place where lots of bacteria & germs are activated. You need to clean it on every week for making it sparkling clean & dirt free. You know it requires healthy environment to keep your family disease free, but the fact is cleaning this dirty place is an overwhelming task. Most of the time you can notice that it takes very much time in the cleaning process, but can you imagine that you can make your bathroom cleaning within 30 minutes?


Yes, you can clean it very easily. In this blog, I am going to share with you some of the tricks for the sparkling clean bathroom.

Step 1 :

First of all, you can do one thing apply the toilet cleaner over the toilet seat and leave it for 10 minutes so that all the dirty things can be easily removed with the help of brush after 10 minutes.

Step 2 :

Your second work is, apply the cleaner on your sink & taps at the same time when you applied the cleaner over the toilet. And leave it for 5 minutes afterward, scrub the sink and taps with the help of small sink brush, then wash it & after that wipe it with a small towel or tissue to make it dry.

Step 3 :

Now apply the detergent on the bathtubs & and scrub it properly. You need to do this because due to storage of water a salty grits sticks on the base of the tub, as a result, it looks very bad & very hard to clean it after sometimes, it also invited small bacteria which can cause health issues.

Step 4 :

Clean the shower head with the help of toothbrush & mild detergent. Shower scrubbing is very necessary because after sometime due to grit & salty material on water, it stops water flowing. But be careful never use any harsh product which can be harmful to your health.

Step 4 :

After 10 minutes, clean the toilet seat with water and then use tissues to wipe it properly.

Step 5 :

The final step is after completing all the above things, now it’s time to clean the floor. Use floor cleaning detergent and scrub it with the help of scrubber and after that wash it & wipes the entire floor.


In case you think that the above process is very difficult then the best suggestion for you is to hire a professional bathroom cleaner. GSR Cleaning Services are here to give you marvelous cleaning services in Melbourne. Apart from bathroom cleaning we also provide other cleaning services such as window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, move out cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, etc.


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Reliable Local Move Out Cleaning In Melbourne

Reliable Local Move Out Cleaning In Melbourne

Reliable Local Move Out Cleaning In Melbourne

Now a day’s move-in & move-out is very common. Move-out cleaning can be done by yourself but can’t possible for working people. You are not the only one who is facing this problem in Melbourne, daily more than thousands of people moved into some new place. So it’s good to choose a right cleaner for it. But mostly people don’t know what is included in move in & move out cleaning.  Due to this people hesitate to choose any move-out cleaner.

Things Which Are Included In Move in / Move Out Cleaning :


  • Kitchen’s wall, floor, sink, stove top, interior & exterior fridge, oven, microwaves & dishwasher.
  • Overall bathroom cleaning- tube, mirror, tiles & grouts, shower & interior and exterior cabinet.
  • Vacuuming all the rooms
  • Washing the interior & exterior windows of your home.
  • Ceiling cleaning of each room.
  • Lawn Area Cleaning

Are you facing difficulties in finding a reliable cleaner? Of course, it is not an easy as it looks mostly cleaning company does not give you reliable cleaning. While choosing any move-out cleaner must check the previous reviews by its customers.  

Reliable & Trusted Cleaner in Melbourne


GSR Cleaning Services in Melbourne is the right choice for move-in / move-out cleaning. We never disappoint our customer, we know your requirements & accordingly we provide the services. Choose GSR Cleaning and free yourself from the tension of move-in / move out cleaning.  

Local Kitchen Cleaning In Melbourne

Local Kitchen Cleaning In Melbourne

Local Kitchen Cleaning In Melbourne

The kitchen is the base of every home where family food is gets prepared & its cleaning is very important. Do you really know how to clean your kitchen? Kitchen Cleaning is very onerous & tricky task. You half problem will solve automatically by knowing how to clean your kitchen?.

For Best Cleaning & To Save Your Time & Effort There Are Some Tips To Make It Less Challenging Task:


  • Get Rid of The Dirty Smell Sink in The Kitchen :

To get rid of the dirty smelly kitchen, you have done one thing boil some water and pour it into smelly sink and wash it by hot water to remove stains and smell. But be careful & take safety precautions hot water can cause burn your hand.  


  • Get Rid of Dirty & Sticky Walls : 

Due to not properly cleaning in the kitchen its wall becomes very sticky, it looks very dirty too. To get rid of this problem you have to do one thing, daily wipe your kitchen with a mixture of hot water & detergent.


  • Stove Cleaning

Always clean your stove after cooking at night & clean the burner separately with the help of detergent & water. Wash your stove knobs with the help of a toothbrush.


  • Refrigerator Cleaning

Clean the interior or exterior part of the refrigerator with the help of soap & water. You can clean it with various products which are now available for cleaning & this should be done on every 2 weeks will make your refrigerator perfectly clean & shiny.

Cleaning With Us:


It is quite difficult to clean your kitchen after cooking basically, people don’t have time to clean along with cooking, it takes time & lots of energy. You can also take the help of professional kitchen cleaner. GSR Cleaning Services are always available to give you the Best Cleaning Services in Melbourne. We are always available whenever you need kitchen cleaning services. We know kitchen cleaning is how much important and we respect your feelings that is why our competent team carefully clean your kitchen and makes it bacteria-free.

Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Must Focus On These Dirtiest Spots At Your Home For Complete Cleaning :

Dirty Sink :

The sink is the dirtiest thing in your home, you should clean it very properly, because due to improper cleaning hard layer of dust stuck on it, as a result, it looks very bad & dirty. You need to clean the sink on a daily basis because it requires daily cleaning to maintain its shine.

Bathroom Mats :

Generally, you forget to clean your bathroom mats or you can say you have not cleaned your bathroom mat for a long time. Do you know these mats collect lots of dust & grit, as a result, it invites bacteria & germs? You know mat is the thing where you walk barefoot, but if you are not cleaning it, then lots of bacteria are entering into your body just because of this dirty mat.

Doorknobs :

Do you ever think that how much your doorknob is dirty? I think you can’t even notice it before. The doorknob is a thing which we touch it while closing or opening the door, am I right? Of course yes, but these things also need some cleanliness because various harmful bacteria come in contact with us just when we touch this dirty knobs.

Switchboards of the kitchen :

Again, you always forget to clean switchboards while House Cleaning, but trust me if theses switchboards of your home are dirty, then it looks very bad & can also create a bad impact in front of the guest. Clean your home’s switchboard at least once in every three months.

Toothbrush Holder :

Yes, toothbrush holder is an important part of cleaning. You are using it on a daily basis for keeping your toothbrush safely, but do you ever think that if your brush holder is dirty then how it can affect your health? Dirty holder makes your brush also dirty & bacterial attack on your health.


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Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

When it comes to hiring a professional cleaner for your home, you should keep some precautions before selecting. In this busy schedule, we know that you need a cleaner who can clean your house fully but the truth is we can’t easily trust on any cleaner & this is the right behaviour to take care of all the things before taking residential cleaning services.

Residential Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Must Check The Following Things Before Hiring The Professional Expert :

Reviews Check :

Today, people are very frank & up-to-date, they are totally digitised whatever the service they are taken they believe in giving feedback on service websites, facebook, twitter, & other social media sites. So, with the help of these reviews, you can easily find out the exact reaction of any customer regarding particular services. Before choosing any residential cleaner must check the reviews of previous customers.

Cleaning Products :

Must ask what types of product they will use while house cleaning. Most of the companies use their own product for cleaning but you should have to ask about the product quality, safety, etc. Always prefer that company who uses Eco- friendly products.

The Background Check Of Worker :

Must check that the cleaning companies screening the background of their workers or not? A strict background check is very important for your safety. So, always prefer those companies which have complete details of their employees.

Who Is Liable In Case Of Loss?

A good cleaning company should carry both the liability of the worker’s injury or any kind of damage at your home while cleaning.

Charges For Cleaning Services :

A good company will always give an exact estimate for cleaning according to your budget. So, must ask cleaning charges before hiring the expert cleaner for residential cleaning.


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Domestic Cleaning Services Melbourne West

Domestic Cleaning Services Melbourne West

Domestic Cleaning Services Melbourne West

Are you working women & spending most of the time in cleaning rather than with your family & friends?

Everyone wants to be in the relaxed mood, but this can be possible only when you are totally free from the burden of cleaning & get a clean home after returning from the office. It’s the very frustrating moment when dirty & messy home takes too much time for deep cleaning. Now Domestic Cleaning Service is available in Melbourne West at GSR Cleaning Services.

Best Cleaning Services Melbourne West


Hire A Professional Cleaner for your home & make yourself free from the burden of deep home cleaning. Let’s see some of the benefits of cleaning company for you.

Worth The Money:

Hiring a professional cleaner is totally worth of money. If you are working from home, then in such case you need to pay more attention to your work rather than house cleaning. Therefore, if you hire a cleaner than you can save your time & can focus on your work more freely.

Time Saving :

A professional cleaner can perform all the cleaning task, whether it is relates to kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, lawn cleaning, bedroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, etc. A dirty & messy home takes huge time & effort, if you alone perform the cleaning task, as a result you don’t get free time for yourself.

Healthy Life :

Taking the help of a cleaning company is very helpful in promoting a healthy life. House cleaning involves lots of dirty work which creates a harmful impact on your health i.e. the chances of a bacterial attack. Most of the time people suffer allergy problem while cleaning this can be very dangerous for you. Hiring A Professional Expert will protect you from such kinds of problem.


GSR Cleaning Services is a Fantastic Cleaning Services Provider in Australia. Our cleaners are very reliable & friendly. Our cleaning charges are very reasonable & we have different packages & discounts for cleaning.


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Best Domestic Cleaning Services Melbourne

Cleaning after winter season is important to get a fresh spring feeling.For this you can take the help of professional cleaners. Now get the best domestic cleaning services in Melbourne at GSR cleaning services.


In spring everything should be clean to give a healthy environment to your family. Here in this blog, I have shared some of the tips for spring cleaning.

Make A Cleaning List :

Before you starts cleaning work, must make a to-do list. A to-do list will be very helpful for you because when you start cleaning you forget to clean so many things at that time. In this list, you can set your all works and after completing one task tick the correct mark over it. One of the most important factors is through the help of this list you can’t forget anything.

De-Culture The Unnecessary Things :

At the time of cleaning, make sure that all the unnecessary things should be removed such as old newspaper, magazines, old stuff, photographs, etc.

Clean From The Top To Bottom :

Always starts cleaning from the top because if you clean the surface before the top ceiling then in such case, lots of dust cover the surface area of the floor & ultimately you work will become double. So, never clean the floor before the top cleaning.

Single Cleaning System :

One by one cleaning is always considered the successful cleaning. Try to do a single task at a time, if you are cleaning the first room, then must clean that room properly after completing the entire cleaning task then switch into another room.

Must Take A Break :

The Continuous cleaning task is not good for your health; you just need to take a break while cleaning. This is a very bad habit who never takes a rest break, it affects your health so, try to avoid it.

Use Non-Toxic Products :

Always try to use the non-toxic cleaning product which is important for you & your family. Before buying the cleaning products must check all the details about the products that are available in the market. These products can create various health issues & it requires extra precaution while cleaning.


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