Why Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Matters at GSR Cleaning

Why Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Matters at GSR Cleaning?

Face mask, face covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are now essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. These days are indeed trying times for the human race. Melbourne, like other places in the world, was put into a lockdown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within Victoria and across borders.


So, strict adherence to Victorian laws concerning health and safety was imposed and must be observed at all times. As of July 19, 2020, wearing face masks, face coverings, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and extending the state of emergency have been placed. Furthermore, all residents are required to follow with strict governance. 


Face Mask and Face Covering

Face mask and face covering are now a must if you are residing within Melbourne Metro and Mitchell Shire or if you are traveling to and from these areas. Hence, face masks should be worn at all times to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Aside from that, physical social distancing of at least 1.5 meters should be strictly observed to prevent close contacts.


Starting on 11.59 pm, Wednesday 22 July 2020, wearing of face coverings is a must and you are only allowed to leave home for essentials such as shopping for food and supplies, care and caregiving, exercise and outdoor recreation, study and work (if you can’t do it from home).


Although this is strictly enforced, there are instances where not wearing a face mask is considered – if you have medical reasons, if you’re under the age of 12, professional reasons, if it’s not practical, for example running. You will still need to carry a face covering at all times to wear before and after exercise.


As of this writing, the fine for not wearing or carrying a face covering will be $200.


Everyone outside metropolitan Melbourne is also encouraged to wear face masks if social distancing is compromised and if traveling to and from metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. For more and latest updates on Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions, please refer here.


Does the face mask you wear matters? Yes, all the time. So, please remember that face masks are not a fashion statement. The quality of face mask you wear most of the time determines your level of protection against COVID-19. Below are types of face masks according to its protection efficiency:


How GSR Cleaning Helps Fight the Spread

Although the restrictions imposed by the government of Victoria for coronavirus have gone stern, few essential services are permitted to operate to help Victorians the safest way possible including the cleaning sector.


GSR Cleaning has placed extreme measures during this health crisis to ensure the safety of our office staff, cleaners, and our dear customers. Each of our team members is eager to help make Victoria COVID-free. We operate at full observance of the laws of Victoria and make sure that:


  • Our cleaners and staff use proper face coverings such as N95 and surgical masks which are both highly recommended barriers against transmission of COVID-19. 
  • It is mandatory for us to face mask, face covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within hotspot zones to safeguard our cleaners and everyone that we deal with.
  • Physical social distancing is followed of at least 1.5 meters within our cleaners and customers to avoid close contact.
  • Handwashing is practiced and we disinfect frequently touched surfaces to kill traces of coronavirus that lurks around.
  • We monitor updates of coronavirus restrictions within Victoria and Australian Standards. This is to keep us abreast of the latest developments and inform all our cleaners and staff accordingly.
  • Our team strictly complies with the 14-day quarantine for anyone who may have contracted or show symptoms of infection. Only cleaners at their optimal health will be cleaning your premises.
  • Cleaners servicing within the hotspot areas are not allowed to service outside hotspot areas and vice versa.




If each of us does our bit, together we can defeat the spread of the coronavirus. GSR Cleaning provides the safest cleaning service aligned with the Australian COVID-19 Guidelines in the Cleaning Industry and latest Victoria Restrictions. Our team uses Face Mask, Face Covering, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  to keep our office staff, cleaners, and our dear customers safe. Therefore, you can count on us for all your cleaning needs. Stay safe, stay home, and save lives!


Get more updates for COVID-19.


Australian Government Department of Health:



World Health Organisation:



Victorian Department of Health

Ph: 1800 675 398



Coronavirus COVID 19 Disinfect Your Home and Office

Doubly Ensure the Safety, Know the Ways to Disinfect Your Home and Office

Coronavirus or COVID 19 is spreading rapidly in the world, and it has infected most of the population across the globe. The cases of persons being affected by coronavirus are increasing day by day. So, in this atmosphere of panic and fear, there is much to learn about this new disease. Keep you and your family safe and do not be a carrier of the virus; you should be at home as much as you can and avoid going outside unless necessary.


But during your stay at home, you should keep in mind that your home should be safe to stay and disinfected. So, here are some measures that will guide you that how you should clean your home and remain away from this disease.


The first and foremost thing you should do is identify the area of your office, which is frequently used. Such as doorknobs, handles, cupboards, hangers etc. So make a list of the things that are commonly touched by you, and others in the office so you can disinfect them from time to time. It will avoid the spread of the virus in the workplace.


Before spraying or applying disinfectant to your identified areas, make sure you clean them first. So to clean the surfaces, you can use soap or detergent water. Dip the towel in the mixture and clean doorknobs, handles, cupboards, etc. But make sure that you use disposable gloves while cleaning the areas or if you don’t have them remember to wash your hands with soap afterward.


After you finished cleaning the areas, it’s time to disinfect them. For this purpose, you can use a disinfectant that is being sold in the market, or you can use the followings

  • Disinfecting wipes (Clorox, Lysol, or store brand will do)
  • Disinfectant spray (Purell, Clorox, Lysol, all make sprays that will work)
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Make sure you apply a proper amount of disinfectant in the place of work, and after you finished your job, dispose of the gloves in the dustbin and wash your hands with soap as a preventive measure.


If there is someone in your office who is sick, make sure you allot a separate room for him as this will reduce the chances of spreading the virus in your home. When you are going into his room, make sure you use a mask and maintain a reasonable distance with the sick person as this will help in fewer chances of spreading the virus.


Mobiles are the devices, which you use most of the time, and it can be a suitable carrier of the virus, so disinfecting them is a thing you must care about. So use disinfectant wipes or sprays to disinfect them and avoid touching others mobiles and make sure no one touches yours.


So these are the significant steps you must consider to disinfect your homes to make it free of any bacteria. Besides this, you should follow hand hygiene and wash your hands properly from time to time. For better assistance, GSR Cleaning Services are always there.

Get more updates for COVID-19.

Australian Government Department of Health:

World Health Organisation:

Victorian Department of Health
Ph: 1800 675 398

Top Professional Post Holiday Clean Up Tips for Christmas Season

Post-holiday clean up is one of the most important things to do after the festival is over. Firstly, we all are well aware of the fact that this is the festive season. Also, you will have guests coming to your house for the celebration. Moreover, when they will leave after the good times, there will be a lot of things to clean up. Hence, in those cases, following these top professional post-holiday clean up tips for the Christmas season will work.

Post Holiday Clean Up

Top Professional Post Holiday Clean Up Tips

No matter what occasion is it, these Post Holiday Clean Up tips will be beneficial for you. Also, they will help you in making your home neat and clean once again.

Sorting the Gifts

Firstly, when you consider any holiday season where guests are coming to your house, gifts are the primary thing that comes in your mind. Hence, it is important to sort the useful and unwanted gifts away from each other. Also, you can save those gifts correctly in a perfect place.

Cleaning Up Bedrooms

Furthermore, one another thing that is very important is cleaning up the bedrooms. Also, to prepare your house for the next gathering, it is vital that you clean up the bedsheets and the floors properly. Moreover, you can also hire an individual to perform these tasks for you.

Removing the Lightings

After the holiday is over, managing the lights is the next step. Moreover, if you will not remove the lights, there are chances that they may get bad in quality and may also waste energy. Hence, when all your guests leave, you must take down all those additional lights that are present. Also, you can use the lights again on the next occasion.

Final Words

Apart from them, there are various other things that you must consider during post-holiday clean up after family gatherings in Christmas Boxing Day and more. Also, there are bathrooms, dishwashers, furniture, and refrigerators that require the cleaning. Moreover, by keeping these tips in mind, you can clean your house well after Christmas Boxing Day or holidays and after-party at their home.

Keep Your BBQ Grime-free with These Easy Tips

Is your BBQ gathering dust or is all caked up with the grease and food residue from the last BBQ party? Putting on a pair of gloves and getting on with scrubbing seems like the only solution to get rid of the stubborn grime.

But, cleaning off old grime from your BBQ is a tricky job, and let’s be honest – it’s a nightmare! It gets tougher when you have no idea where to begin. Even if you put in a couple of hours’ elbow grease, there are chances you might not get a shiny and grime-free BBQ that is ready to use.

So, if you are scrubbing and scrapping the food residues from your BBQ, here’s a quick cleaning guide.

How to Clean a Gas BBQ?

Before you get started with the actual cleaning process, remember to disconnect the gas for safety reasons.

  1. Prepare a soap + water solution – Take a bucket of warm water and add dish soap in it. Use this solution to clean the parts of BBQ.
  2. Remove the grates, metal plates, and other plates from the BBQ while they are still warm. Scrubbing off the excess fat becomes easier while the grill and plates are still warm.
  3. Bonus Tip – When you’re cleaning the grill, scrub both the side to ensure there are no fat deposits underneath it.
  4. Place all the hot & chargrill plates, flame diffusers, and racks in the bucket of warm soapy solution. Use a sponge to clean it properly.
  5. Give the barbecue a good clean with the warm soapy water and a soft scouring pad. Leave it in the sun for drying and then resemble it. Voila! It’s ready to be used again.

Simple Hacks to Keep the BBQ Ready to Use All Year Round!

  • Always spray both sides of the grill with oil every time you cook!
  • Keep the cooking surfaced coasted in cooking oil to prevent rusting of the hot plate
  • Line the drip tray with foil and cover with a fat absorber. It will ensure excess fat doesn’t get accumulated.

Cleaning your BBQ grill

For a lot of people, the barbecue is something that gets a lot of use. So when you purchase your barbecue grill think of it as an investment, it is likely to become something that is a large part of your summer meals for years and years to come.

But like all things, proper maintenance is going to be needed to take care of it and to make sure that at last you for as long as it short.

The worst thing you can do is leave the grill messy between uses. The longer the grill six dirty, the harder it is to clean and the shorter lifespan of the grill. A dirty grill tends to rust a lot easier than a clean one so this is certainly the number one thing to take care of. Certain tasks are specific to the different types of barbecue that you may have (such as gas, electric, charcoal etc), but in general, most maintenance is pretty much the same.

Step 1 – The bits that you will need

The basic items that you need to clean your grill are:

  1. Mild dish soap
  2. Cooking oil spray
  3. Dry baking soda
  4. Aluminum foil
  5. A wire grill brush
  6. Steel wool pads (the pre-soap ones are best)
  7. A sponge or cleaning cloth new paragraph

Step 2 – brush off your grill

Use the wire brush the brush off all of the grill services. This should remove any larger pieces and make it much easier.

Step 3 – Spray some cooking oil

Once the grill has called and you have brushed, the next thing to do is to spray it with a layer of cooking oil. This layer of oil will help prevent rust. Don’t do this when it’s hot, spraying the wheel of the hot surface could potentially cause it to ignite.

Step 4 – baking soda and aluminum foil

Baking soda makes a great cleaning agent. It’s fantastic for polishing and so once you have removed and protected the grill as in the previous steps, baking soda can help restore some of its original shine. aluminum foil could be used in a similar way (gently though) to polish other barbecue services.

Step 5 – clean the racks

When you’re cooking, food sits on these racks so is important to keep them clean. To clean the racks first use the wire brush to remove as much buildup as possible. After this wash, the racks using dish soap or if they are really dirty you may want to use the steel wool. Don’t forget, you can either of these things so give them a good rinse to remove the soap residue.



If you have time constraints and cleaning a BBQ is a chore for you! Contact professional cleaners now.

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Hire Trustworthy Cleaners for Consistent and Lifelong Services

Whether you’re wondering what to do with dirty and smelly carpet at home or struggling to keep your office is organised and clean, hiring a licensed cleaning professional is an important consideration to get efficient and reliable services.

You might have noticed that some cleaners eventually start slowing down, after providing excellent services initially. This happens when you don’t hire trustworthy cleaners.

GSR Cleaning Services is one of the award-winning companies in Melbourne with a solid team of expert cleaners adept at providing consistent services to ensure you get the best value for your money. We have received accolades for consistently providing world class to our clients.

So what makes our cleaners a step above the rest?

Our expert technicians set themselves apart through their training, expertise experience, and comprehensive services. Our cleaners work with an unwavering focus on extending quality services by following the Australian standards.

We aim at maintaining the highest cleaning standards to ensure your property is immaculately clean, organised and germ-free. Moreover, we take an ethical approach, so you can get secure, reliable and consistent services for years to come.

In addition to this, hiring our experts is an assurance that the cleaning will be done by following the “standard of care” set by the industry.

Further, our professionals abide by the core values like integrity, responsibility, consistency, excellence and expertise. We always keep our customers’ need in mind and carefully administer these values throughout our cleaning services to offer the best-in-class results.

Our cleaners are licensed, certified and experts in their respective fields – for instance, our carpet cleaners have expertise in making your carpets pristine, while a section of our cleaners adeptly removes the minutest particle from your upholstery.

Our cleaners are trained as per the set industry standards. They have the necessary expertise to handle and clean even the most fragile and expensive items like luxurious rugs, crystal decorative pieces or beautiful upholstery without damaging or breaking it.

Moreover, our expert cleaners have the skills to immaculately clean every corner of your home or office making it spotlessly clean.

Lastly, we understand that it is difficult to allow any stranger to enter your house and so, we make thorough background checks to make sure the person coming to your place is trustworthy without any negative track record.

Make your Home Clean! Call GSR Cleaning Services Now!!!

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Hire a Reliable Service Provider and Ensure Peace of Mind

In the current times when time constraints have become a norm, hiring house cleaning services is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity! Since there are plenty of choices when it comes to hiring cleaning services; picking up the one which is best for your needs can be a headache.

So, the question is which qualities should one look for when hiring a cleaning company?

There are some factors that you need to consider before you book a cleaning service provider and trustworthiness is one of the foremost aspects.

Your home is your sanctuary, and that’s the reason why you should always go for a reliable cleaning company. For any cleaning company earning trust is never easy! It takes years of experience, expertise, hard work and dedicated services to gain the most valuable thing – Customer’s trust.

GSR Cleaning Services is one of the top cleaning companies in Melbourne which has successfully earned the trust of its customers. Here are the reasons why we are one of the trustworthy cleaning service providers:

1.Experienced and Well Trained Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your property, experience and training matters a lot. The cleaning professionals need to have the necessary expertise to clean the fragile and expensive items like rugs, crystal decorative pieces or upholstery without causing any damage or breaking it. Moreover, experienced cleaners have the skills to meticulously clean every corner even the hard-to-reach ones, making your home spotlessly pristine and smell fantastic.

2.Dedicated & Customised Solutions

We understand every house is different, and so are their cleaning requirements. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all”. Over the years, we have observed that every homeowner has a unique requirement, and so we deliver customised solutions which cater to the individual needs. Our hardworking cleaners ensure you get excellent end-results at the best possible price.

3. Adopting New Technologies

We believe in changing our approach and embrace the new technologies to keep pace with the changing times. We apply the latest technologies and equipment to tidy up your house and sanitise it. Additionally, we even want our technicians to learn how to handle the new equipment and technology to ensure you get the best value for your money. Hence, we make sure they undergo training regularly.

4.Thorough Hiring Process

We understand that you wouldn’t want any stranger to enter your house. And so, we make thorough background checks to ensure the person who comes to your place is trustworthy and have a great track record.

Make your Home Clean! Call GSR Cleaning Services Now!!!

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Regular House Cleaning Melbourne

Best & Cheap Cleaning Solution in Melbourne

Are you all set for Christmas or still thinking how to clean the uncleaned house in your busy schedule? Its party time and you need a well-maintained home. So what next? Why don’t you take a chance and book a professional cleaner for this happy occasion? It’s time to make a good impression on your guest. Everyone wants to start a healthy and happy year in their life. So, it is the right time to start this healthy work from your home. Regular House Cleaning Melbourne can bring a lot of positive vibes as well as a healthy environment in your life.

Regular House Cleaning Melbourne


If you are planning to clean your sweet home then must keep these things in your mind:


  • Remove the entire unclean bed sheet and wash it.
  • Always use non-toxic detergent to clean the carpet
  • Scrub your room’s floor with mild detergent to get sparking effect.
  • Dump all the dust and wash your dustbin
  • Clean your window carefully with the help of the brush.

Do you know? Your regular cleaning may not keep you healthy and fit. It’s quite shocking but this is the truth. Don’t take any kind of a headache we are here to help you!


Do you also think that professional cleaners are not good for you? Don’t create such kind of miss conception in your mind. Unlike other cleaning companies who promise for the best services but don’t give in reality, we follow the idiom “action speaks louder than words”. We have many satisfied customers who believe in us just because of our work and we take care of their place regularly. We can provide the references on your request. Book GSR Cleaning Services to make your place clean and healthy. We are professional domestic house cleaners our first priority is to give you the finest service and our professional approach is the foundation of our perfect work.

Why Us?


  • Certified cleaner with many years of experience in cleaning
  • We value your time and money.
  • We believe in giving eco-friendly and safe environment.
  • We have well experienced, punctual, and diligent cleaners.

GSR Cleaning Services are here to give you Best & Cheap Cleaning Solution in Melbourne. We are assuring you to give high-quality cleaning services with our professional and friendly team.

Should You Require Commercial Cleaning Services For The Hotels?

Hotel Cleaning

The standards for sanitation and hygiene in the hospitality industry are incredibly high. As a hotel manager, it’s your responsibility to meet and exceed them around the clock. We know the housekeeping staff works hard, but they can’t cover everything, and you can’t ask other departments to get in. So the question remains unanswered: “How do you bridge the gap between routine housekeeping duties covered by staff and the commercial cleaning work that keeps your property in top condition?

Get help from professional hotels and motels cleaning service providers. They can be your partner who can provide a complete hotel cleaning services that go above and beyond regular housekeeping.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Why Hotels Needs Commercial Cleaning Service?

Happy Visitor &  Hotel Guests

No one will spend their holidays in dirty looking rooms. The importance of hygiene and cleanliness in hotels is one of the essential priorities for department hotel owners. Commercial Cleaning Services help you exceed cleanliness goals by ensuring:

  • Higher Guest satisfaction means repeat customers
  • Complete Cleaning Solutions for all the facilities
  • Get positive feedback on online-review sites and social media channels.
  • Get a clean and healthy environment for both hotel guests and in-house staff.

Professional Cleaning goes Beyond the Reach of Housekeeping

As hard as your housekeeping staff works, some cleaning jobs are meant for professionals.

Hotels and motels require monthly and semi-annual cleaning schedules with industry-specific techniques, specialised cleaning products and equipment. A  Commercial Cleaning Company takes care of it all with:

  • Higher pressure cleaning services that keep parking, sidewalks and entrances clean and welcoming.
  • Industry proven solutions for eliminating unpleasant odours anywhere on the property.
  • Deep Steam Cleaning for carpets with focused attention on high-traffic hallways.
  • Upholstery Cleaning and stain removal for furnishings and drapes.
  • Expert care for commercial flooring like hardwood, tile and marble

At GSR Cleaning, We make sure that every guest looks forward to booking a future reservation at your hotels. With our cleaning services, We ensure your property stays fresh and spotless from entrances and hallways to conference rooms and event facilities.

For more information about our complete Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne and their surrounding suburbs, Give us a call, We’re ready to be your partner with proven cleaning solutions that always keep your property looking its best.


“Contact Us @ 0395477477 For Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne.”

Commercial Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

A healthy environment in the office is very beneficial for your business; firstly it creates a good impression on visitors & secondly in a healthy environment employee can devote more towards their work.  It’s time to hire a professional cleaner for your business, to give a healthy environment to your regular employees. GSR Cleaning Services are here to give you commercial cleaning services in melbourne, but the main problem is people get confused that what kind of cleaning services is included in commercial office cleaning. This is the very common issue you are not the only one who is thinking about it.

Various Services are included in Commercial Cleaning such as


Window Cleaning Services Melbourne

Due to improper cleaning windows get a smear with dust, it leads to create a bad impression on visitors & can be harmful to health. GSR Cleaning Services have different tools with the help of it window can be properly clean.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Now a days using carpet at the office is very common but its cleaning is very difficult and an improper cleaning can lead to creating health issues, damage to your costly carpet & bad impression on visitors.

Dusting & Vacuuming Melbourne

There are lots of areas in the office which is generally neglected by daily maid such as ceilings, baseboard & ledge. GSR Cleaning Services take care of all these neglected places.

Kitchen Area Cleaning Melbourne

If your staff’s kitchen is very messy than you should definitely hire a professional cleaner. 

Washroom Cleaning Melbourne

Washroom requires extra attention, its regular & proper cleaning is very important. As you know this is the only place where germ’s presence is 99.9%. An unprofessional cleaner generally neglects its stain, smells & germs and a professional cleaner will always consider all these things. 

Other Cleaning Melbourne

Apart from above cleaning, desk cleaning, lamb cleaning, door cleaning, décor, bins, computer screen, printer cleaning are included in commercial cleaning.

GSR Cleaning Services is a Top-Rated Cleaning Service Provider in Australia. We committed to give you high-quality cleaning services by our competent team & they all are certified by us! Our first priority is to give you the best services at an affordable price.