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Steam Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Steam carpet cleaning is important for every house and office because it helps to save the beauty, longevity, and usefulness of one of your most prized possessions- your carpet! Dirt, pests, staining, pets, and odour are your carpet’s worst enemies.

The video below explains how best you can carry out this very important procedure and how to find the right professional to help you with your carpet cleaning needs.

At GSR Cleaning Services, we use state-of-the-art machinery to perform a thorough steam carpet cleaning to guarantee you the best possible results.The method we use-hot-water steam extraction- not only breaks down the soil and other ground-in contaminants, but also disinfects harmful germs. The temperatures reached by our high-quality bonded equipment can even destroy the eggs other pests leave behind ensuring better health to your customers and family.

For maximum results, we advise our clients to do this at least twice per year.

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