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If you are a property manager or landlord then you must want to make your clients property is well maintained and in attractive condition. We understand that managing a property and keeping it super clean is a time-consuming task. Our cleaning service can ensure you a perfect Real Estate cleaning service to make your client fully satisfied with the spotless property. Remember, only the clean first impression of a rental property can ensure you higher rents.

Rental Routine Inspection Cleaning by GSR Cleaning

The GSR Cleaning Service is fully dedicated to offering you a professional and trustworthy service of Inspection cleaning before buy/sell property either it is your home or office. One thing is sure that GSR Cleaning Services can help to make the sale of your home easier than others.

As the first impressions matter, so make sure that your home/office is properly clean by using proper GSR Cleaning Services which leaves the best first impression of your rental business that you can. GSR Cleaning Services starts from wiping down your computer desks to bathrooms sparkling clean bathroom.

We have much experience to work closely with countless real estate property managers so we can perfectly understand exactly what standard the clients and property owners demand. GSR Cleaning Services can help you with your home cleaning. If you want to sell/rent your home, then GSR Cleaning Services would be an ideal choice for you.

We have our own high-quality cleaning equipment and required products which are totally safe for cleaning your property and fulfill your expectations even at very affordable prices. We will arrange and provide whatever you need to make your property super attractive and clean.

GSR Cleaning Services will give you the best work, with the following services-

  • Residential/domestic house cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Bond cleaning
  • Real estate services
  • Gardening & Lawn Mowing
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Interior cupboards
  • Garage clean and tidy
  • Fly security screen cleaning
  • Wall cleaning and so on..

You can also ask a service of industrial cleaning of your commercial sector. We also provide easy to use cleaning services which will cover the entire building. From the cleaning of the floors to removing heavy stains in carpets and granite. We offer the total cleaning solutions to meet all your cleaning needs. Whether you require residential home or a commercial property, we have professional cleaners to clean from start to finish, including pre-inspection, pre-treatment, spot treatment, steam cleaning and so on.

Our pre Inspection cleaning service is well equipped to handle any type of cleaning and as a customer, you have all power to check out our services listed in our services area.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or any free consultation to choose your required service. If you are looking for a completely cleaned for a new build or post construction development, then GSR Cleaning Services can be the best relied upon for your final handover throughout the Melbourne Metro Area.

As a real estate agents point of view, we are excited to assist you out anxiety of the need professional cleaning services for any kind of rental property.  Just give us the detailed info and our team cleaners will handle the rest.  We always provide our clients a very high-quality cleanliness and hygiene to truly justify your valuable asset.

We believe the motto that if our customers are happy, only then we’re happy!

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