For expert window cleaning, choose the professionals at GSR Cleaning Services and achieve a sparkling clean view out of your home or office windows.

GSR Window Cleaning

GSR Window Cleaning

Servicing all areas of Melbourne, from the Eastern suburbs and more, we provide:

        • Domestic window cleaning
        • Commercial cleaning
        • Internal and external cleaning
        • High-rise window cleaning utilising the water-fed pole system

GSR Cleaning Services has trained their Staff known As GSR Team Before they come to you. We take very carefully staff by following Fair Work Australia regulations and by the tones of experience from all the cleaning companies and institutions around the world.

It is really important that cleaners come from an honest and reliable companies has been tested over years of experience and established their name. Above all, SAFETY should be considered first before anything else!!!

We have enough Hard Workers and self-motivated cleaning staff. They all are living a mixture of area in Melbourne. They all are honest and committed to Server GSR Cleaning Services.

Our all Staff has the ability to follow written and verbal instructions and work with minimum supervision; good interpersonal and communication skills.

How We Train Cleaners:

All cleaning staff has to go through Video tutorial and Training by our qualified trainer. They must need to pass the written test. After that they go with senior staff members in filed to work.

We provide them ongoing training program, so they can fulfilled GSR Clients Expectation in cleaning sector.

Our guarantee- your 100% satisfaction

If we clean and you notice a mistake, or simply anything that does not meet the standards for exceptional quality we promised, just let us know within 36 hrs and We will re-clean only that area at no additional charge.

Over time glass will become permeated with a variety of contaminents:

        • Airborne pollutants
        • Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and run-off)
        • Oxidization (from metal frames and screens)
        • Acid Rain
        • Calcium salts (from tap water)
        • Over Spray from paint, chalking, mortar, etc
        • Rust
        • Salt (from roads and driveways)

Glass is a porous substance; these harsh containments can leave your windows looking cause a transparent dirty look and permanently damage your windows.

Regular cleaning to exterior window surfaces (recommended no less than twice a year) is a must to prevent permanent damage and avoid having to replace your windows, saving you money in the long run.

GSR Staff is Trustworthy, Honest, Reliable and Australian Police Check. We do check their references and full background, because they are going to represent GSR, Which has gained the Trust in Melbourne Community by their Hard Work and Honesty.

”24-­7 Spotless stands for window cleaning of a quality beyond compare. We are responsible for the training of our staff. At Spotless 24­7, training of window cleaners starts from the very basis, and a large part of the training consists of teaching window cleaners to self monitor their work. It becomes a natural part of the window cleaner’s daily routines to monitor their cleaning before leaving the site.

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