5 Economical Ways to an Organised Home

Do you wish for an organised home?

An organised home is one of the surefire ways of ensuring success in all that you do. Many of our clients find this statement true months after inviting us into their homes. One client even testified of how he wasn’t succeeding in his business before hiring our services. Oh, and if you are wondering about the costs of achieving this, the answer is… it is not expensive!

Here are 5 economical ways to an organised home. We’ve shared these in our community; we know you’ll find them useful.

Create a Place to Hang Cleaning Items under the Kitchen Sink

You are lucky if you have a pipe or something underneath your kitchen sink. Improvise it; use it create space for storing your cleaning paraphernalia. Photo below by ‘SmgPhotobucket‘.


Use a Magnetic Bar to Store Knives Easier

Finding and mounting a magnetic piece of metal is a very simple and cheap way to keep your knives organised. This method is also great to keep them out of reach from the kids. Photo below by ‘Design*Sponge


Create Dividers in Your Cupboards

The cupboards can be hard to figure out how to organise when they are just lots of open space. Use some tension rods here and create some dividers so you can see what you have a lot easier. Photo below by ‘Martha Stewart‘.


Use Your Magazine Rack for more than Just Magazines

Foil, Saran wrap, and even wax paper rolls are found easily when placed together inside of a magazine rack. Photo below by ‘Lovelyish‘.


Magazine racks can also prove useful for storing pot lids. Who knew pot lids could be stored so easily and possibly in such a cute way? This idea is for everyone who can never seem to figure out where to store pot lids so they don’t get broken. Curtain rods also work well in this area. Photo below by ‘Houzz‘.


Use a system for hanging and organizing scarves and belts

Don’t shove your scarves and belts in a drawer when a hanging system will keep your closet more organsed.

GSR Cleaning Services understands how your living space is important to you. We have the machinery, knowledge, expertise, and the right team of cleaners in the whole of Melbourne ready to help you keep your home organised.

Contact us today to figure out how we can ensure you get an organised home that will be the envy of your friends and family.