office cleanliness

Why is Office Cleanliness Important?

The average Australian works more than 30 hours per week (according to OECD statistics), so office cleanliness is about more than adhering to the government’s health and safety regulations. Technology and industrialisation may improve productivity, but they frequently introduce germs, diseases, and even fatalities into the workplace. Most clients who follow our cleaning advice see reduced staff absence from accidents and illnesses caused by germs and dirt in the workplace. Here’s how you can quickly improve your office environment.

1. Dry and clean slip proof floors

Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of injury, from bruises to fractures. To prevent accidents, watch out for spillage and clean floors immediately. For example, if someone spills food in the lunch area, mop it up before somebody slips on it. And don’t stop there: wet floors are dangerous even if they’re clean, so use an absorbent material to dry the area as much as possible. If you can’t get it completely dry, place a “wet surface” warning sign next to the spillage.

2. Get organised

A messy environment causes multiple problems, from tripping hazards to blocked fire exits. While most safety issues are the company’s responsibility, everyone should play their part in reporting potential problems such as loose equipment wiring, piles of paperwork blocking walkways, fire exits without signs, top-heavy filing cabinets that could fall on someone, old furniture that may not be safe to use and so on.

Scientific studies prove that a messy environment hampers productivity, while an organised, tidy workplace improves morale. Proper organisation makes everything quicker and easier and, as any feng shui expert will tell you, encourages positive energy in the workplace. If you work in a client-facing business, a tidy office gives a far better impression to visiting customers, too. No one will believe you’re professionals if you leave stacks of papers teetering on the edge of every desk!

3. Use disinfectant

The workplace is a hotbed of shared bacteria. Everyone brings germs in from home, from their journey to work and from everywhere else they’ve been. Keeping all surfaces disinfected and tidy is one of the best ways to keep those germs to a minimum and reduce staff sickness. Even if you have to hire a crew to perform this task, it will be well worth it.

For example, back in the 1990s one of the world’s biggest credit card payment processing companies decided to cut costs by reducing their cleaning bill. They got rid of their telephone sanitisers. A week later, roughly twenty percent of their staff called in sick with ear infections!

Like so many office workers, you probably didn’t realise just how important office cleanliness is. Now you know what to watch for, you can share this information with your colleagues and create a better, more positive work environment for everyone.

Contact us today if you need a hand to help improve your productivity and make your workplace safer by keeping your office in tip-top shape!