Let’s face it. None of us really enjoy cleaning. But exit cleaning (cleaning when you are vacating a house or a unit) is something many of us dread.

Vacating a rented property

If you have rented a property, getting your bond back often depends upon you leaving the property as neat and tidy (and as clean) as you found it. This means using some elbow grease and making the place sparkle.

While you may think you can handle cleaning the property yourself, don’t underestimate what is involved.

Exit cleaning is more involved than your regular clean. The most problematic areas of the home include:

            • Oven, stove top and range hood (don’t forget the grill if you have one)
            • Splash backs
            • Microwave
            • Bathroom and laundry tiles
            • Toilets
            • Sinks
            • Taps Many of the above areas may be coated in grease and grime

which can be difficult to remove. Bathrooms can contain a lot of mould and sinks and taps may need descaling. And don’t forget about the light-fittings filled with dead insects!

At GSR cleaning, we can take care of all of your cleaning needs while you get on with the job of moving and settling in to your new home. Our skilled domestic cleaners will leave the property looking impeccable (and will ensure you get your bond back!)

Have you been left with a dirty property

As a landlord, it is disappointing being left with a property that hasn’t been cleaned properly. While you may be financially compensated (via the bond), it is still an inconvenience to arrange for your property to be cleaned and readied for the next lot of tenants. Unfortunately, some properties can be left in a disgusting state and it can be difficult to know where to begin to restore it to its former glory.

Fortunately, there is no job too big, too dirty or too overwhelming for our skilled cleaners. Just take a look at these before and after pictures.

Before After Burnt Stove Cleaning

Before After Burnt Stove Cleaning

Remember, your property is an investment and should be looked after. We guarantee to clean your property from top to bottom, ensuring that it is in pristine condition, so you receive maximum rental with little fuss.

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