Moulds and mildew are black spots that may occur on moist surfaces specially in sink sidings and taps, bathrooms, shower, wood surfaces and others it grow upon. Not only that it is irritating to the eyes when you see them, it also brings harm to your health because of the amount of bacteria and virus it may contain.

Mould removal is one of the tiresome things to do. Not that it requires a huge amount of patience from the start to finish, it is also one of the time consuming activities you can imagine. What adds up to your frustration, if you don’t know how to remove it, you may even damage the surface where the mould lies.

For stubborn and toxic moulds, you need mould removal experts to help you with your problem. Let GSR Cleaning do the job for you and get you going in no time!

Mould Removal at GSR Cleaning

What GSR Cleaning offers is a hassle-free way of removing moulds. Aside from eliminating the hassle, our very affordable service rates are also a good catch. We provide guaranteed mould removal solution that will dispose the mould but with very budget-friendly price.

Moulds can occur anywhere, so we make sure that we inspect all areas of your property to find where moulds exist and eliminate them.

Mould in Bathrooms

Bathroom and Kitchen Moulds

Moulds always exist on bathroom walls and floors and on kitchen sink and taps. It also occur under the kitchen sink where it is always damp and moist. Over time, moulds grow and the next thing you know, your bathroom and kitchen is invaded by moulds. If not treated properly and soon, it will infect your belongings and health.

GSR Cleaning uses harm-free solutions to treat and remove moulds. We perform mould removal with high attention to safety.

Carpet Moulds

Carpets often get moulds underneath. For musty carpets, we suggest that we remove them to avoid the spread of the moulds. We apply GSR Cleaning solutions using a pump sprayer and spray it over the carpet.
Walls and Floor Moulds

Walls and floors are cannot escape the wrath of moulds. Floors on decks are more susceptible to moulds since it is exposed outside with high frequencies of dews and moist brought by rains and morning dew.

You can call our friendly number and we will answer all queries you may have. We also offer free quote! Let us know your convenient time for us to visit your residential and commercial area to evaluate and know the best mould removal solution at a very cost-effective price. All prices are also given upfront and no hidden charges.

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