BBQ cleaning

Keep Your BBQ Grime-free with These Easy Tips

Is your BBQ gathering dust or is all caked up with the grease and food residue from the last BBQ party? Putting on a pair of gloves and getting on with scrubbing seems like the only solution to get rid of the stubborn grime.

But, cleaning off old grime from your BBQ is a tricky job and let’s be honest – it’s a nightmare! It gets tougher when you have no idea where to begin. Even if you put in a couple of hours’ elbow grease, there are chances you might not get a shiny and grime-free BBQ that is ready to use.

So, if you are scrubbing and scrapping the food residues from your BBQ, here’s a quick cleaning guide.

How to Clean a Gas BBQ?

Before you get started with the actual cleaning process, remember to disconnect the gas for safety reasons.

  1. Prepare a soap + water solution – Take a bucket of warm water and add dish soap in it. Use this solution to clean the parts of BBQ.
  2. Remove the grates, metal plates and other plates from the BBQ while they are still warm. Scrubbing off the excess fat becomes easier while the grill and plates are still warm.
  3. Bonus Tip – When you’re cleaning the grill, scrub both the side to ensure there are no fat deposits underneath it.
  4. Place all the hot & char grill plates, flame diffusers and racks in the bucket of warm soapy solution. Use a sponge to clean it properly.
  5. Give the barbecue a good clean with the warm soapy water and a soft scouring pad. Leave it in the sun for drying and then resemble it. Voila! It’s ready to be used again.

Simple Hacks to Keep the BBQ Ready to Use All Year Round!

  • Always spray both sides of the grill with oil every time you cook!
  • Keep the cooking surfaced coasted in cooking oil to prevent rusting of the hot plate
  • Line the drip tray with foil and cover with a fat absorber. It will ensure excess fat doesn’t get accumulated.


If you have time constraints and cleaning a BBQ is a chore for you! Contact professional cleaners now.

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