GSR Cleaning Services is Proudly Offering housekeeping services at low cost to Melbourne busy family and new mothers for household chores. This service is suitable for those need a household help in a busy lifestyle.  If you looking for Domestic Housekeeper in Melbourne than Call us for Free Obligation Quote at 03 95 477 477.

Our Housekeeping Services is a bit different from House Cleaning; it’s just like a household help for busy families.  Housekeeper spends more time at your home doing different daily basic things and it takes longer time than house cleaner. They normally take care of your daily basic house tasks.

We would like to mention here; our Housekeeping Staff does only minor cleaning; they are only trained in housekeeping work to household help.

If you are looking for more cleaning than please ask us for House Cleaning.

Housekeeping Staff may do only light cleaning more regularly, while our house cleaning team does a more deep cleaning.

Busy Mothers with Kids

Busy Mothers with Kids

Our Housekeeper will take care of all following tasks at your home.

        • Washing Dishes and putting utensils back in kitchen cupboard after they get dry.
        • Cutting Vegetable / Cooking as helping hand in kitchen
        • Check and purchase groceries and household supplies to maintain adequate levels
        • Take care of household pets (Depend on Cleaner, if she is pet lover on not. Please Ask them before)
        • Basic take care of children (Not nappy Changes or their shower)
        • empty and clean trash containers
        • Tidy up Bathrooms (No Cleaning or Minor Cleaning)
        • Makeup beds and change linens as required
        • Tidy up Bedroom, Lounge, Kids Room and Manage their Toys
        • Sort, wash, load and unload laundry, Iron and press clothing and line

Regular Housekeeping (Weekly/Fortnightly)

Our Call out Fees is $88.00 Inc GST (which covers 3 hours of housekeeping) after that clock runs by per hour only $22.00 Inc GST per hour.

NOTE: GSR’s Housekeeping Staff does only minor cleaning; they are only trained for housekeeping work to house hold help.

If you are looking for more cleaning then please ask us for House Cleaning


Please Contact our Office for more information 03 95 477 477

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