GSR Cleaning Services – The Better Choice for the New Financial Year | Jun 25, 2014

Clean windows and a sparkling office space make the difference between a client won and a client lost. GSR Cleaning Services can make that difference to your workspace.

Melbourne, Australia — (SBWIRE) — 06/25/2014 —

Office CleaningThis new financial year, switch to a socially progressive contract cleaning company that provides consistent award winning service. In brief, the work ethic and consistent quality of the services provided by the company act as its unique selling proposition.

The range of services, which include complete office cleaning packages, industrial cleaning, medical and hospitality industry related cleaning solution packages. Imagine a busy office, replete with a hard working staff, continuously moving about the workspace on the carpet, with executives on the phone constantly and multiple micro meetings being held over the desks, with numerous mugs of coffee and crackers. At the end of a long day, the office is bound to look battle ravaged. If the office space needs to be readied for another day of toil, ordinary cleaning just won’t do. An unclean, or semi-clean space downs creativity and reduces overall output and performance of the employees. A random company, providing sub-standard cleaning services will not do, for a busy office that sees continual foot traffic and constant work.

Office cleaning involves more than carpet cleaning and some dusting, both of which in themselves are no mean tasks. Floors, fixtures, window coverings, doors, desks and phones see continual traffic and handling by employees. They not only need to be cleaned, but also disinfected and de-odourised. But the list doesn’t end here. Carpeting requires special attention, as it will also need to be rid of coffee/juice stains in addition to dust and pollen, which are universal allergens. Printers, scanners, computer screens and other electronic items will need to be cleaned using special methods that do not damage the sensitive equipment. The décor of the office, which in most cases may be of varied materials and textures, will also require a specialist’s touch.

GSR Cleaning Solutions does it all. If you can’t trust a Australian Achievers Award (highly recommended) to take over your corporate cleaning needs for you, then who can you trust?

About GSR Cleaning Solutions

GSR Cleaning Solutions is Melbourne’s leading residential and corporate cleaning solutions company. They are the ideal choice, as a cleaning services provider for the new financial year.

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