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How your property looks with the right customer service experience tell how well you are as an Airbnb host. To rise above this business, you would need to keep your properties in tip-toe shape. The main aim is exceptional customer experience and a slight negative feedback can greatly impact the way you appear in your listing.The last thing you want to happen is lose your frequent clients and go out of business.

Cleanliness is important as this is the major feedback item the moment your guests checks in. Therefore, it should be on top your checklist at all times. However, keeping your place tidy and clean is a very tedious task and hard to maintain. To lessen your worries and hassle in keeping your place in perfect condition, it would be best to rely on professional cleaners to do the job for you and give you well-done results.

At GSR Cleaning Services, you will find amazing results at the lowest price. We will help you get your 5-star review from different clients of all walks of life. Every section of your place will be cleaned thoroughly up to spic and span level. Your guests will feel at home and never want to leave the moment they walk in.

Cleaning, laundry and keys, you got GSR Airbnb Cleaning at your service!

Turn to GSR Airbnb Cleaning Service if:

  You want to level up your Airbnb and Holiday rentals, and increase increase profitability.

   You want to go for affordable yet top quality Airbnb cleaning management in Melbourne.

   You want to rise above the competition for top Airbnb listings in Melbourne.

   You want to remove the hassle of cleaning off your shoulders.

Why GSR Airbnb Cleaning Service?

  Fast and affordable Airbnb cleaning service in the whole of Melbourne!

  We offer flat rates per hour so you can calculate your expenses before hand!

  We provide upfront fees with no hidden costs!

  Book in minutes and we arrive to your place in 60 minutes or less!

  Friendly, courteous and professional cleaners you can count on!

  We never stop until you get 100% satisfaction!

  All cleaning activities are police-checked for optimal results!

Switch Guests with No Worries!

Tired of dealing with fast cleaning as one guest leaves and another comes in an hour or two? Be the best place and service that your guests look forward to with a clean and comfortable home and get the highest rating for your business with GSR Airbnb Cleaning Service. Our professional cleaners can provide you with an absolutely no worries service and your guests will find your place like no one has rented it beforehand. We will make your home as cozy and ultimately clean like a 5-star hotel!

GSR Airbnb Cleaning Pricing

Room Size

Flat Rate Pricing
Per hour cleaning $45/hr
Studio Apartment                       From  $75
One-bedroom Apartment From  $95
Two-bedroom Apartment From  $115
Three-bedroom Apartment From  $150
Four-bedroom Apartment From  $185
Five-bedroom Apartment From  $220


For extra services or additional options:

  • If you want to add a cleaner, the rate is $45/hour/cleaner.
  • Extra laundry, ironing, supply of clean bed sheets and towels, outside laundry washing, arrange of pick up and drop off are subject to extra charges. Call us so we can give the quote upfront!
  • Deep cleaning (properties not cleaned for more than 6 to 8 Weeks) pricing is available upon request.

GSR Airbnb Cleaning also offers more options for your cleaning satisfaction. Just discuss your requirements with us and we will give you upfront pricing. We can add clean sheets, move-out steam cleaning for your carpets, rugs, upholstery and furniture. We can also add scented candles or fresh flowers so you won’t have to think about it yourself. We will make your place clean and beautiful from top to bottom!

Eco-friendly Cleaning Procedures Guaranteed!

To lessen the hassle and the cost on cleaning materials, our team also provides cleaning materials so you won’t have to worry about cleaning preparations. Our team will take care of everything for you. GSR Airbnb (Bed and Breakfast) Cleaning Service only uses cleaning materials that are natural, biodegradable and friendly to the environment. We strictly observe compliance with Australian Standards when it comes to cleaning methods so you are assured that your property and guests are safe and protected.

Emergency Airbnb Cleaning

Unexpected bookings at your property even when it is not the peak season is normal these days as people tend to relax more often due to a very stressful life. Hence, you need to be prepared at all times and make sure that your place is very accommodating and have that ultimate cozy feeling like they never want to leave anymore.

GSR Airbnb Cleaning will help clean your place even on weekends with a limited amount of notice time. Our goal is to help you provide the best service to your guests and get your 5-star business rating you have been aiming for!

Need to speak to an Airbnb Cleaner Melbourne today? GSR Airbnb Cleaning Services is glad to be of service! 
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