Who are we?

GSR Cleaning Services is a full-service cleaning service offering not only standard cleaning services but deep cleaning, annual and holiday clean-up services as well.

Our team members pride themselves in consistently creating a clean home environment for you and your family to enjoy. Our cleaning personnel is bonded, licensed and insured.

Why choose GSR ?

GSR Cleaning Services is committed to delivering a maid service program of the highest quality and reliability. We offer responsive customer service and a number of additional cleaning services to be your one-stop source for home cleaning services.

We are a not a cleaning agency but a cleaning service provider who bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment. All our team members are and supervisors are trained and experienced in the latest, safest and most effective methods for cleaning homes.

Our guarantee- your 100% satisfaction


 If we clean and you notice a mistake or simply anything that does not meet the standards for exceptional quality we promised, just let us know within 36 hrs and We will re-clean only that area at no additional charge.

How much will the commercial cleaning service cost?

Every job that we do is different and so are the customer expectations. We prefer to visit your premises before we provide you a quote taking into account the nature of the job and its demands.

How much will the House cleaning service cost?

Please visit BOOK NOW page for house cleaning prices or Call us at any time at +61 3   95 477 477 

When and how do I pay?

Payment is strictly due on your regularly scheduled cleaning day.

We have a wide range of payment options available, including Cash, Check, Direct debit, Visa, Master, American Express Card , PayPal and Invoices. (Please Ask Staff for More Information)

Many of our customers find it convenient to simply leave a check or cash payment out for our team members on the kitchen counter to collect when they arrive to begin their work.

We have Strictly Same day Payment Policy. Accounts overdue by 72 Hours incur a $36.50 administration fee. If we incur any costs of collection such as legal fees and collection agency fees. Failure to pay; may lead your information to collection agencies.

Some jobs like  Move Out / End of lease cleaning or Large Jobs; we may ask full or half money in advance before start the work.

We may provide support in case of financial inability to pay.

Do I need to provide equipment and supplies?

For residential cleaning, we prefer that we use your products and equipment in order to maintain proper hygiene. We would be happy to recommend the products required, including organic and environmentally friendly products.

We use our own biodegradable products for one-off cleans. If you want GSR Team to use their equipment and supplies for regular cleaning, please advise us while booking.

Is GSR Cleaning Green?

 We use quality products; Our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

If you want us to use 100% organic products please let us know when you book the service.

Who will GSR Cleaning Services send to clean my home?

Our team members are trained to be professionals and are trustworthy, honest and reliable. They are screened to find the best people and have police checks and reference checks.

GSR Cleaning Services have trained their staff known as GSR Team before they come to you. Please visit our staff profile for details.

Our professional house cleaners will not eat, drink, smoke or operate any appliances while inside your home, but allowed to drink water.

Do I have the same cleaner each time?

We always try to send the same team member to clean your home. At GSR we train 2 team members for your home. We will allocate the other cleaner when your regular cleaner is unavailable.

Does GSR Have References?

YES! We have Testimonials/Reviews from our valued clients visible on the local website, and we can provide more references available by request if you think it’s still required. GSR name is enough as references. We have won word of mouth 2012 Award for house cleaning in Melbourne.

Is there anything needed to be done before your cleaner arrive?

It would be nice if you could pick up or put away any clothes, children’s toys, important documents etc. before the cleaners arrive. This would help our cleaners make the best use of their time. It is also appreciated if you could have the cleaning kit and equipment ready.

What if I can’t be home when your team arrives?

No problem! Many of our clients decide to provide us with a key and a code if they have an alarm system for their home. All keys are securely marked and controlled to maintain your security.

What if I have pets?

We have no problems with that as all our cleaners are pet friendly, but it is appreciated if you could make sure your pet is safe and secure before our cleaning associates come to clean. Our teams are not permitted to clean or pick up animal ordure by hygienic reasons. It can be done by special request, So they can bring all safety gears.

What if something is damaged?

While our team members are trained on proper cleaning procedures and pride themselves in being careful, if anything were to get damaged as the result of something one of our team members did while cleaning- we want to step up to make it right!

That means trying to as quickly as possible to repair or replace it. Because all of our team members insured, we would file a claim whenever necessary to help resolve the situation. GSR Cleaning and Gardening Services will furnish all forms of insurance required by law and shall maintain the same in force. Customer Must notify us with in 36 hrs; after any claim is subject to company approval)

We are covered public liability insurance of personal injury or property damage.

How can I Reschedule or Cancel my regular cleaning?

We do realize that sometimes life gets busy and you might have to reschedule your regular cleaning service. Please inform us 24 hours in advance, so that we can change our team member’s schedule or arrange an alternative time and date for the cleaning.

(Please note that $50.00 charges apply for a regular booked job, if not informed 24 hrs in advance; Any One-off Job; May cost $150 Flat Rate/Half/Full Cancellation fees of the Job Price.) 

What if I want to suspend my regular cleaning service if I go for holidays?

Again, please let us know well in advance if you plan a holiday trip and decide to suspend the regular cleaning during that period. We would be happy to do it as long as we are provided a short and fixed duration.

Speaking of holidays, be sure to let us know if you are in need of extra cleaning in advance of family get together, dinner or party- we’re here to help.

What if GSR Staff doesn’t show up?

If any circumstances beyond our control like traffic, any accident on road or staff injury or suddenly got staff sick or any work accident; then we will be inform you ASAP and will arrange an alternative time suitable to you and us to cover our services.

How do I contact my cleaner?

Please call our hotline number 03 95 477 477. We do not exchange personal contacts of our cleaners according to our company policy, so inquiry must go through GSR office.

Any Special Notes for Move out / End of lease / Vacate Cleaning ?

Hot water and Electric power be connected.

NOTE:  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions or Terms  for Commercial ,office Contract Cleaning) please contact us by making appointment only.

We are required by law to advise you of any changes to our Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Taking our services imply that you accept these terms and conditions

Please Contact our Office for more information 03 95 477 477