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3 Cleaning Tips to Ease Allergies

Do you sneeze, cough, and suffer from watery eyes during certain seasons of the years, say like, spring/summer? Well, you may be suffering from hay-fever, a reaction caused by allergens such as dust, pollens, and gems. As clean as you may want your house to be, you may not have what it takes to take this simple task due to your allergic reaction; this may even be worse when you don’t know how to suppress the reaction for just awhile to allow you some time to clean your house.Here are our 3 simple tips to help you ease allergies when cleaning your house.


Be sure to change the linens in your bedrooms at least once a week. Wash them in warm water, except for those with fabric specific instructions.

Vacuum under the bed regularly, and avoid making it your storage area. Nothing should ever be placed under the bed. Every 2-3 months, move your beddings around to ensure that every surface is cleaned. Dirt and pollens can accumulate even in the rarest of places in and around the bedroom. Photo below by ImperfectHomemaker.



Don’t go for heavy carpet bathroom floors, instead, look for bath mats that are washable to use over the ceramic floor.

Use the exhaust fans or dehumidifiers to keep the humidity of the bathroom on the low. Remember also to wash your shower curtains in hot water. Do this every week. Photo below by Etsy.



Keep in mind that every entryway is prone to mold and pollen that might enter your home. This little knowledge should be the trigger that gets up to clean your doorway and animal doors too.

Entryways should be cleaned twice a week and every day if you have pets.Photo below by QualityDecoration


In conjunction with these three areas, make sure that the cleaning products you use are safe. Sometimes, it may not necessarily be how you clean as much as it is what you clean with. Searching out some eco-friendly cleaning solutions will also help you to have an allergen-free home environment. Take care of these things mentioned here, and hopefully, you should find relief in regards to your allergies.

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