Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Dirtiest Spots At Your Home

Must Focus On These Dirtiest Spots At Your Home For Complete Cleaning :

Dirty Sink :

The sink is the dirtiest thing in your home, you should clean it very properly, because due to improper cleaning hard layer of dust stuck on it, as a result, it looks very bad & dirty. You need to clean the sink on a daily basis because it requires daily cleaning to maintain its shine.

Bathroom Mats :

Generally, you forget to clean your bathroom mats or you can say you have not cleaned your bathroom mat for a long time. Do you know these mats collect lots of dust & grit, as a result, it invites bacteria & germs? You know mat is the thing where you walk barefoot, but if you are not cleaning it, then lots of bacteria are entering into your body just because of this dirty mat.

Doorknobs :

Do you ever think that how much your doorknob is dirty? I think you can’t even notice it before. The doorknob is a thing which we touch it while closing or opening the door, am I right? Of course yes, but these things also need some cleanliness because various harmful bacteria come in contact with us just when we touch this dirty knobs.

Switchboards of the kitchen :

Again, you always forget to clean switchboards while House Cleaning, but trust me if theses switchboards of your home are dirty, then it looks very bad & can also create a bad impact in front of the guest. Clean your home’s switchboard at least once in every three months.

Toothbrush Holder :

Yes, toothbrush holder is an important part of cleaning. You are using it on a daily basis for keeping your toothbrush safely, but do you ever think that if your brush holder is dirty then how it can affect your health? Dirty holder makes your brush also dirty & bacterial attack on your health.


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