Office End of Lease Cleaning

Planning to move out or ending your lease on your current commercial office space? You may be overwhelmed by the ton of cleaning job you need to do to prior your move out. Avoid the hassle of organizing a plan on how to completely clean the commercial office you will be leaving soon. With GSR Cleaning, you will get what you want with very affordable service rates.

Business owners and tenants all across Melbourne opt for GSR Cleaning services with every commercial office that is coming to an end of lease stage. We have been the household name for complete and thorough cleaning experience of commercial spaces to get it ready for the next lease.

End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

Commercial Office End of Lease Cleaning at GSR Cleaning

We have the best and qualified office cleaners all over Melbourne. Our office cleaners are all trained with the latest technology and techniques to help finish all cleaning jobs as fast as we can and with high-quality results.

GSR Cleaning will clean every area of your commercial office and will also take care of all rubbish disposal so you won’t have to worry you should dispose every element. With our guaranteed End of Lease Cleaning service, we make sure that we cover the following:

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaner has an effective way of cleaning office carpets no matter how big the floor area is. From vacuum to disinfecting it, just name your requirement and we got it all covered. GSR Cleaning uses eco-friendly solutions and no harmful chemicals to ensure that it does not harm people and its environment. We also do spot cleaning, steam cleaning and remove odours that contribute in air pollution.

Wall and Ceiling Cleaning

Major parts of a commercial office that if left dull and dirty make a bad impression are the walls and ceilings. GSR Cleaning uses harm-free solutions to clean walls and ceilings. We have a variety of cleaning solutions that can match the paint you have on the commercial office wall and ceiling to ensure that it will not fade or dissolve.

Pantry Area Cleaning

If your commercial office has a pantry area with kitchen and counters, GSR Cleaning will clean all areas, from ceilings to floors, kitchen sink to taps and counters to tables and chairs. We make sure that the pantry area is free of stains and odour to get it ready for the next occupant.

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning

Big commercial office areas have an additional facility such as bathrooms and toilet rooms. These areas are sure the dirtiest part in every property whether commercial or residential. You can get your worries off with GSR Cleaning services as we clean every fixture, ceiling, walls and floors. We also disinfect all areas to make sure that all bacteria and viruses are dissolved.

Window Cleaning

Windows are often the part of a commercial office that will be left untidy especially when an end of lease stage is coming. Due to dirt and debris that comes from outside pollution, it is no doubt that an office window stays greasy during the lease time. GSR Cleaning has the best window cleaners that can even clean windows of commercial offices in high buildings. We use safety harnesses and equipment to ensure safety at all times and cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly.

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