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How to Clean Your Carpet on Your Own

Carpets definitely add beauty and grace to your home, not to mention also keeps it warm if you’re living in a cold climate. But as much luxurious as it sounds, carpets can be quite a hassle to clean. Many people are afraid of the idea of cleaning a carpet because it requires so much work and effort! You can call GSR for professional cleaning carpet if you don’t have the will to do it all by yourself, however, if you think you’re brave enough to do it on your own – here are a few important tips. Note though that if you’re not careful, you could end up making a whole mess of the house.

Get a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Don’t attempt trying any home-made ideas if you’re house or room is fully carpeted. It will just create an unnecessary mess. The best way to clean a carpet is to invest in a carpet cleaning machine. These are easily available at home depots and should be a good investment if you have carpets at home. It’s better you purchase a new machine rather than buying a second-hand one because the older a machine, the weaker the vacuum. Oh and don’t forget to buy a carpet cleaning solution as well.

Pre-Vacuum Your Carpet

Ok, the first thing you’d do is pour the shampoo in the vacuum and start cleaning right? WRONG. Don’t do that. You need to first pre-vacuum the carpet just so that the soil gets dried and is easier to remove. Move the vacuum carefully over all directions of the carpet and make sure every nook and corner is covered.

Start the Cleaning by Wetting the Carpet

If you fill the shampoo in the machine and start using it, there will be a lot of residue left. So the better option is to separately pour the shampoo in a water spray bottle and start spraying the carpet evenly. Don’t over-spray it as it will make the carpet really wet and would leave hard residue. It will also be very difficult to dry the carpet if you use over wet it.
Once done, wait for atleast 15 minutes before you start cleaning it with the vacuum. Make sure to remove all of the cleaning solution and not to let any residue remain.
Now, simply leave your carpet to dry up. You can use a dryer if you can or switch on all the fan of the house to dry it up fast. The more air the room gets, the faster it will dry and there won’t be an unpleasant smell or humidity in the room. Make sure all the doors and windows are open and let the sunshine in.
Well, that’s it. That’s all there is to it. Just remember to take your time and do not take shortcuts. Follow these simple steps and you can easily clean your own carpet.


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