Get Clean and Clear Floors – The Proper and Old-Fashioned Way

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Cleaning floors is one of the most thankless jobs in the world. The sight of stains that refuse to go away, the sight of garbage that just needs a push to oblivion and the dust that just loves to hug the floors; all of them take a lot of effort to be rid of. So many of those TV commercials with ‘new and improved cleaning formulas’ are just marketing gimmicks since I can tell you those stains are not going away any time soon or with any less difficulty. Those commercials lie. Not even those ‘wonder mops’ seem to hack all of the dirt away.

The only thing that works, and has worked since time immemorial is a good old-fashioned scrub that involves a person with their hands and knees on their floor.The problem with today is that nobody has the time for that. We can’t do it as often as we should and that just makes the problem more complicated. Even when we do get to it, the problem just refuses to go away. Endless sweeping and scrubbing is the only way to get rid of the dirt and stains. Whether it is finding all those finicky hard to reach spots or keeping the kitchen floor as pearl-y white as possible, the only way we can get the results that we want is to do it all by hand.

There is something satisfying about cleaning the floors on our hands and knees. This way we know for sure that every nook and cranny has been accounted for and wiped clean. This way there are no lingering thoughts at the back of our mind that any area has been neglected. Because if they were neglected, the dust can multiply and render all the efforts meaningless if they blow to the wiped areas.

We always vacuumed every single space on the floor. After the vacuuming is done, we proceed with mopping and wiping. This way any leftover dust doesn’t interfere when its moping time, saving a lot of back and forth time in the process.

If the floors needed to look whiter than white, a scrub brush can help in this eventuality. So unless people can afford a maid to clean their room, they are better off not wasting money on wonder cleaning formulas or brushes but can instead, do it all by themselves with some good old fashioned scrubbing.

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