Child Care Cleaning Services

Ever gone to a child care facility recently? Children have the most delicate body system and has weaker immune system compared to grown ups. Hence, the environment they are living in needs to be clean and tidy to keep them healthy at all times.

What is Child Care Cleaning?

Child care cleaning is the process of cleaning child care facilities such as preschools, day-care, babysitting centres and other groups that focuses on child care provided by providers or institutions.

It is important that child care facilities are cleaned thoroughly to prevent occurrence or spread of diseases since children are vulnerable with bacteria, virus and fungal infections.

Child Care Cleaning at GSR Cleaning

child care cleaning

What differs child care cleaning at GSR cleaning from other cleaning providers? At GSR Cleaning, we have high-trained cleaners that have the right experience in cleaning childcare facilities all across Australia. Child care providers put their genuine trust in us as they know that we do all our best to give them the top quality services in cleaning their facilities. They feel comfortable and safe knowing that after every GSR Cleaning cleans up, they can confidently let the children access to every part of the room because it is properly cleaned.

GSR Cleaning ensures that the below child care cleaning checklists are met with every cleaning activity we perform upon on extra demand:

Disinfection Process

We use non-toxic solutions when disinfecting floors, walls, and materials to get rid of any trace of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We also make sure that there are no residues left on every surface.

Infant and Toddler Toys

Toys have the most access to children and they should be cleaned thoroughly. Our expert cleaners disinfect and clean the toys with cleaning solutions that target germs that can easily transfer to skin when in direct contact.

Play and Sleep Area

We clean carpets, bed cushion and beddings, pillows and laundry dress-up clothes to avoid germs and other contaminants that can cause itch and allergies when used.


For washrooms, we ensure that toilets, sinks, potty chairs, and floors are disinfected and cleaned. Towels and mats are also put to laundry.


We also pay attention to the kitchen area where food is prepared. We need to make sure that all stove burners, ovens, and other appliances are disinfected and cleaned. Cutleries are also re-cleaned and steamed to kill germs and bacteria.

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