Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne By the GSR Team !

Two of the biggest assets for a person’s home or office are your carpeting and your furniture

Steam Cleaning
Protecting that is of huge importance from both a design as well as a financial standpoint. Dirt, pets, stains, spills and smells are the biggest threats to the longevity of both.
GSR CLEANING SERVICES uses steam cleaning to make sure that we always deliver the best possible results. The hot-water and steam extraction process breaks down the soil and other ground-in gunk, and it also disinfects harmful germs. The temperatures reached by our high-quality bonded equipment are also one of the only ways to destroy the eggs other pests leave behind so that you can better protect the health of your customers and your family. We have packages to fit every budget and due to our passion for getting things done right, you’ll only need to have this done twice per year for maximum results.
Steam cleaning is often required when you vacate a rental property, but why wait? You would be surprised at how many germs lurk in the carpets and furniture.

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