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At GSR Cleaning Services, we provide our carpet cleaning services to a variety of customers in Melbourne VIC. We understand that it is important to keep carpets and tapestries clean and hygienic. That's why we've invested in the best skills, the most efficient cleaning technologies and the latest equipment to provide professional carpet cleaning services.


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GSR Cleaning Services Guarantees Best and Professional Carpet Cleaning

GSR Cleaning is a leading company in the field of residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, VIC, and surrounding areas. For more than 10 years (needs to be changed), we have been offering exceptional services and have satisfied thousands of customers.

At GSR Cleaning Services, we take care of your health and well-being to heart. The products that we use for cleaning your carpets are all biodegradable. The use of green cleaning products is our pride! These products that will be used to clean your home are also very effective and will leave no trace of dirt.

Protective Treatment - Carpet and Fabric Furniture

Stain-resistant protective treatments for carpets and fabric furniture are excellent value. GSR Cleaning Services offers you several options for stain-resistant treatments depending on the surface to protect and the budget you have. The anti-stain protective treatment is ideally applied when cleaning your carpets. By opting for our protective treatment, you get lasting protection against stains and damage that sometimes result in permanent damage. We offer quality protectors that do not alter the texture of fabrics or carpets. To learn more about our protective treatments, contact us.

Pet Odors

It is common for pets to run away on a carpet. The odors that emanate can be very strong and a good cleaning is required in this case. Our impeccable cleaning techniques allow us to come up with the smell of urine left by cats and dogs.Carpet cleaning is essential in these situations in order to eliminate bacteria that could become embedded in your carpets.

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Here are the steps that are involved in our platinum carpet cleaning process:

1. Inspection

Before any carpet cleaning, our cleaners carefully inspect your carpet to identify the main areas of cleaning.

2. Pre-Vacuum

We pre-vacuum your carpets with our highly efficient vacuum cleaners that remove 99.9% of dust, bacteria, and allergens.

3. Pre-Spray Treatment

We pre-spray your carpets with our highly effective 100% cleaning products to lessen the effect of tough stains.

4. Pre-Stain Removal

We remove the toughest stains and dirt from the carpets using our effective and result giving products.

5. Steam Cleaning

We perform the steam cleaning method by using cleaning products to clean the carpets in a non-toxic manner.

6. Deodorising

In certain cases, we apply sanitiser/deodoriser to the carpet to eliminate the pet and many other odors. The deodrisation leaves your carpets fresh and clean.

7. Moving Furniture

Before performing any carpet cleaning, we remove all the furniture from the carpet. Once, we are done with the cleaning of carpets, the furniture is placed back in their position.

8.Sanitise & Groom

We set carpet pile in one direction so that it gets dry faster and also provides carpet protection so that your carpets stay clean for longer and stain-resistant and deodorizer and anti-bacterial sanitizer, cleaning and killing the bacteria.

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

Many companies offer carpet cleaning services, but not all of them are as reliable as our company for your carpet cleaning needs. You'll notice that a lot of them use soap and water, and then rub the hell out of your carpets with all kinds of brushes. Such a rudimentary approach will make your carpets clean, but for a short time.

After a few days, the rugs will start to odor unpleasant smells, and you will again notice the stains on the rugs. The problem with such an approach is that the carpets never dry completely, which causes the core moisture to start emitting the bad smell and eventually attract more dirt that will make the carpet dull and ugly.

Our carpet cleaning technology is suitable for both commercial and residential carpet cleaning. No matter what type of cloth you have in your homes, offices or businesses, you can trust us to give them the look you need for a clean and healthy environment and also to impress your visitors and customers. In most cases, we prefer to take the carpets and wash them at our facilities and return them when they are clean. In this way, you do not have to be bothered in any way because your carpets are cleaned.

Fast and efficient removal of dirt on carpets

A rapid removal of bacteria and other contaminants from carpets

We use a minimal amount of water

Our methods preserve the integrity of the carpet fibers to last longer

No stains, chemicals, mildew or other odors after cleaning

At GSR Cleaning Services, we specialize in the use of good carpet cleaning methodologies, guaranteed to give better results, with no chance that the carpets will emit bad odors after exercise. Once we have finished with your carpet, what you will have will be an impeccable carpet that will smell good and remain adorable for many months to come. Some of the highlights of our carpet cleaning services include:

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“ Very happy with the service! Our cleaners were here all day and did such a great job! Also would like to say thank you for understanding when we had to reschedule at the last minute. Will use again and recommend to others! ”

“ Great service, very reliable. The couple who cleaned my house did a great job, it took bit longer than expected but they made sure every corner was cleaned properly. Thanks guys.”


“ I recommend GSR cleaning services. Very professional Friendly, reliable and very efficient service. GSR have been great to deal with, highly recommend- only good things to say ”


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Our Packages

GSR Cleaning understands that every home is unique, so we provide a personalised treatment plan for every clean. We are Steam Cleaning Specialists and our commitment is to provide exceptional service at reasonable prices.


Steam Clean



Recommended for regular carpet cleans


Steam Clean

Pre-spray Treatment




Recommended for minor stains



Pre-spray Treatment


Vacuum Clean

Recommended for minor stains + More


Steam Clean

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At GSR Cleaning Services in Melbourne, VIC, we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial carpet cleaning solutions. In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning (including rug cleaning and leather cleaning), we provide tile and grout cleaning as well as hardwood floor cleaning. Let our experienced and trained technicians/cleaners help you decide how we can best meet your carpet cleaning needs.

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