You are a professional your clients can count on to get the job done.  At GSR Cleaning, so are we.

We made a list of what’s lacking in this industry; integrity, honesty, dependability, skill, dedicated service, longevity, accountability, cost-effectiveness, stability, pride of position, consistency, gold-medal training, continued growth and high-level service. Then we made the commitment to personify everything on it. Whether we are caring for your business or your home, we strive to meet and exceed our very high standards so that you will grow with us over a lifelong client relationship.  At GSR Cleaning, we embody the friendly, professional team that we would choose to hire ourselves and offer our contract services to you.
GSR Cleaning has positioned itself to be a leader in this industry, and will work to build new opportunities for Australia’s economy while maintaining our mission, our strict code of ethics and a brighter future for our nation.

Our Mission to provide an excellent commercial and Residential cleaning service, based on the highest standard of service and client care. By making the interests of our clients our number one priority we will earn their trust and loyalty and they will become our lifelong customers. We Commit to:

                      • Provide the highest standard of service and workmanship
                      • To build long term relationships with our customers by providing quality services at competitive prices
                      • Maintaining integrity and initiative
                      • Professionalism and pride in our position in the market place
                      • Long term stability
                      • Maintain a well-trained and motivated staff

Seal 100% satisfaction guarantee GSR_Trusted_Cleaning_Services_Melbourne  t2-180x180