What is Weed Control?

Weeding your garden or perhaps your lawn requires time and patience to remove unwanted weeds from growing and infesting everything. Weeds always take advantage of every opportunity they can to grow and spread where grass is weak.2015-08-31 14.57.30
Weed control is a method of eliminating or stopping the growth of destructive weeds in agricultural industry. Since it grows rapidly, control practices are applied to permanently prevent its existence on crops and in gardens.

There are many types of weeds and mostly are poisonous to humans, livestock and crops. Hence, different ways on how to prevent the spread of weeds are developed over time.

Types of Weeds

Identifying weeds in Australia is not easy as 1, 2, 3. But with the help of the government, you can search and learn what type of weed you have based on colour and in what state it is in using the Weed Identification Tool.

For quick reference of the classification of weeds, below are some of the common weeds that grows in gardens and lawns and visible almost all days of the year.

Beneficial Weeds

There are weeds that are mostly helping the environment than affecting them. These are called beneficial weeds where their surroundings can benefit from their existence. For example are dandelions which are edible and other parts of its plant are used for herbal or food. Other weeds also attracts pets, redirecting them to attack the weeds than the crops or plants intended to grow.

Noxious Weeds

Weeds that are harmful both to humans, animals and the environment are called noxious weeds. They have aggressive effect when there is direct contact or if they are ingested. In Australia, noxious weeds are identified as invasive plant species.  Examples of noxious weeds are poisonous hemlock, Houndstongue, Tansy Ragwort and etc. To see full list of noxious weeds in Australia, you may refer to this list.

Weed Control at GSR Cleaning

You can get full advantage with weed control at GSR Cleaning. We have extensive method of controlling weed existence on lawns, gardens, golf courses and others where weeds are persistently growing.

weed control by spray weeding by hand

It is important that we know how to identify all types of weeds. At GSR Cleaning, we only have the best and experts in weed control at very affordable service rates to do the work for you and will give you full assurance that your garden or lawn is well taken care of.Our approach in weed control includes preventing the weeds and keeping the soil as healthy as possible. We use chemicals such as herbicides to eliminate stubborn weed roots that are not removed using cultural means.

weeding by wipper snipperweeding by spray

Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control

To completely prevent weeds from sprouting and  GSR Cleaning carefully identify all types of noxious weeds and uses the best solution to deal with each type.

During pre-emergent weed control, GSR Cleaning makes sure that weed seeds are hindered before they begin to appear. We use pre-emergent herbicides on the soil before weeds start to generate. Timing is important as herbicides may be put to waste if applied too early to be washed deeply into the soil during rainy season.

For Post-emergent weed control, we apply post-emergent herbicides to kill already existing weeds and prevent future weeds that may come out as well. One thing to know during this stage is to identify which ones are weeds or not.

Soil Check

In preventing weed infestation, GSR Cleaning perform soil check and ensure that it is unhealthy for weeds to occur and propagate but healthy enough for wanted grass and crops to grow. We use specialized fertilizer that only benefits non-weed plants.

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