5 Tips for Organising Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen organisation is more important than most people realise. Having a kitchen clean and free of clutter is a great way to know where everything is as well as is great for preventing sickness. With all the items from utensils to food you’ll realise are in your kitchen, how do you begin keeping it all organised? Here I have put together five wonderful ways to get you started. Let’s go ahead and dive right in and see some ideas to get things together.


Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling.

Hanging your pots is a great way to free up some cabinet and other space you are using to store your pots.


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Use magnetic spice racks on the side of your refrigerator.

How cool is this? Here’s a great way to save space in the cabinets for other things and be able to see how much or little you have left of everything quickly.


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Make use of wall space to hang utensils.

Once you begin to see how easy it is to find things this way, you’ll wonder how did you ever get by before this way to organise came about in your life.




Create deeper drawer space for eating utensils in a vertical format.

With all the space you will free up using other methods, using this way to organise eating utensils and other items can definitely come in handy and give you more counter space.


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Use a hanging shoe rack to store your cleaning supplies.

Hanging shoe racks can be used for so many things, this is just perhaps one of the best ways when it comes to home organisation.


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These are just some great tips to get you started organising your kitchen space. As you begin to apply these you will likely find a lot of other ideas that will cater more specifically to you and your kitchen.