6 Tips for Organising Your Closet and Bath Areas

If there were a list for the most dreaded areas to clean or organise in the home, will the closet and bathroom areas be in your top five? Junky closets can become breeding grounds for unwanted pests. Bathrooms that are not organised and nobody wants to clean can help bacteria grow and cause sickness. No matter how organised we think we are, there’s always going to be room for better organisation in these areas. When it comes to new ideas, check out this list of 6 tips for organising your closet and bath areas here.

Use some pants hangers to hang your boots

Boots can seem to be the most difficult things to store in a closet next to other footwear. Try hanging them instead and see how that works for you.

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Use some crown moulding to hang your shoes

Using closet wall space for shoes can also end any possibilities of accidentally stepping on them and damaging them on the floor as well.

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Use some divider shelves for sweaters

This is also a great way for storing some of your favourite shirts especially if you don’t like using cabinets in the bedroom.

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Store sheet sets together in their matching pillow cases

How about this method instead of having to hunt down each piece when you are ready to change the bedding?

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Create storage containers for the bathroom from mason jars.

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Hang baskets on rails for towel and shower supply storage.

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Starting on other ways to keep things organised will always breed new ideas. I encourage you to take steps to apply some of the tips mentioned here and see what other things you can come up with. Do these things periodically and you will soon realise these areas are not as dreaded as they once were to clean and keep organised.