GSR Cleaning Services in Melbourne provide best feel and appearance for your carpet, it can protect your investment for years to come. We have own expert equipment & qualified technician which they take great pride in using to get you the best possible result. We do prior inspections, & answer your entire question that might have in your mind. We do the job according to the standard & only use bio environment chemicals.

We also offer great range of protection for your carpet.

                        • Carpet Steam Cleaning
                        • Carpet Protection
                        • Stain Removal
                        • Tile & Grout Cleaning
                        • Dry Cleaning
                        • Upholstery Cleaning
                        • Drapes/ Curtains Cleaning
                        • Mattress Cleaning
                        • Wooden & Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing
                        • Emergency Fold Carpet Damaged

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services by GSR


As anyone who has seen carpeting replaced knows, the amount of staining, debris, pest detritus, dust, dirt and other unmentionables underneath is tremendous. All those things affect much more than your pocket: they affect your health and well-being. Environmental studies show that due to poor maintenance, indoor air quality can be much worse than the air outdoors and this in turn can be physically harmful to young and old alike, and can create or significantly exacerbate respiratory and allergy issues. GSR’s extremely thorough professional steam cleaning combined with regular vacuuming not only boosts the health and longevity of your carpet, it can do the same for your clients and family.

Even trained pets can have accidents, and pet dander/odours occur just by our animal friends occupying space. GSR Cleaning Service uses a highly effective enzyme injection technique to erase odour even down into the pad!

Applying a protectant to your carpet gives a an extra barrier against stains, ground-in dirt and soaking. Essentially, it helps to keep those spills, soil and smells from bonding with your carpet fibres making most messes clean up much more easily while others are simply avoided altogether!

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