What is Pruning and Hedging?

Ever gone to a garden or passed a beautiful landscape in a commercial area and been at awe at how trees, shrubs and hedges are all properly trimmed and shaped?  This is the secret of pruning and hedging.

Pruning and hedging is a major task in garden and lawn maintenance. It is also applied in landscaping sidewalks and parks. Some hedges requires regular trimming while others don’t.

Pruning and Hedging at GSR Cleaning

Apart from our garden and lawn maintenance service, we also offer pruning and hedging as a separate service so you can avail of it for your residential or commercial properties. Pruning and hedging at GSR Cleaning is very affordable and only executed by our experienced gardeners and landscape artists so can get what you want at a budget-friendly price but with high quality results.

GSR Cleaning has an efficient way of hedging and pruning trees, shrubs and bushes. Below are some of the guidelines we follow:


Pruning Services

We prune trees, shrubs, bushes and hedges manually first before everything is trimmed. This will ensure
that there is enough space for air and sunlight to penetrate inside andavoid gigantic and huge rows of plants.


Triming Service

Pruning is not always performed all year round. There is a proper time for pruning and it should  be done before spring comes where buds start to come out.
All buds needs to grow as they give fresh colour and appeal.


Hedging Service

Evergreens and deciduous hedges requires different treatments as they react to weather and climates.
Since all hedges often needs pruning, we set the frequency on how many times it should be pruned every year.
Not that we only provide pruning and hedging services, we also give training  and tips to our customers on how to take care of their hedges, when is the best time to plant new ones and how it should be planted.

GSR Cleaning only uses pruning and hedging tools of high quality brands from hand shears, electric trimmers and pruning saws.

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