Don’t have time to attend to your laundry or just simply does not how to do it and probably have destroyed good pairs of jeans or white shirts? If these are all correct, then what you need is a good laundry service provider that would even iron your clothes, towels, sheets before you collect it.


Laundry and Ironing Service at GSR Cleaning

Laundry and ironing Service at GSR Cleaning is your best ally when you are always busy and have no time to do all your laundry. People who have less knowledge on how to wash clothes made from delicate materials also come to us for help. Since we provide our laundry and ironing service at very affordable rates, this really makes it an advantage for people to entrust us with all their laundry needs than to do it their own. Not only that they avoid the hassle of spending all the time of the day for laundry work, they also find satisfaction of how clean all their clothes are.

We provide domestic and industrial laundry and ironing services. You can call us to discuss our very affordable rates upfront and we will even collect your laundry so you won’t have to worry or find time on your busy day to send it to us.

Laundry/Washing Process

GSR Cleaning has expert personnel that have experience in all sorts of garment materials and know how to take care of them. We do hand wash on the most sensitive materials that should not be put to washers. We also separate colour every colour to avoid damage.

We use liquid detergents to wash away dirt and grime. For tough stains, we use solutions to remove it without damaging the texture of the cloth. Our laundry process include washing and drying. All clothes, sheets and towels come out dry and should be ready for pressing.

Ironing Process

We iron clothes, sheets and other laundry depending on the material. We put extra care on sensitive garments. For industrial laundry materials, we have machines and equipment to attend to bigger sizes and even press them properly and get it ready for delivery or collection.

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