The How and Why of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Success in business is as much looking good as being good. Hiring commercial cleaning services can help you with both. For instance, did you know that regular office cleaning has a direct correlation to efficiency? Keeping everyone healthy and focused encourages smooth workflow, but a healthy workplace is rarer than you might think. Many companies overlook the basics because they don’t realize how easy it is for pathogens to build up.

While hiring commercial cleaning services can help you reduce staff absences due to illness, choosing the right provider is one of the hardest tasks for facility managers in any organization. There are so many professional cleaners, each claiming to be better than the rest that it’s almost impossible to find out who is honestly capable of doing what they promise. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best option.

Aim for a People Person

People do business with people and use machines to make work easier. Hi-tech, state-of-the-art equipment is important for any cleaning company, but pay close attention to what they say about the people who get the job done.
How does the company hire their cleaners? Find out if they train, motivate, and compensate well. If a cleaning company dwells on the state-of-the-art machinery they’ll be using, like most do, what interests them is the pay and not the work.

Avoid cleaning companies that only talk about how good they are and put down the competition. Look for the provider who is confident in their ability to deliver what you want: quality systems, service delivery, human resources, health and safety, environmental stewardship and management commitment.

Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Professionals

Compare notes with facility managers from other businesses to get quality referrals. Research online for reviews on hiring commercial cleaning services. However, remember that opinions are just opinions, so be sure to ask the right questions when you think you’ve found the right professional. For example:

• Do you conduct background checks on your cleaning team?
• How do you ensure your cleaners are legal hires?
• What do you do to find and keep the best-qualified cleaning team?
• Do you subcontract any part of your business?
• Who supervises the cleaners in my facility?
• Who do I call when there’s an issue?
• How many other facilities and teams does that person handle?
• Do you have a system to handle complaints?
• What is included in your quote?
• How important is hygiene to your business and your cleaners?

Accurate answers to these questions will help you tick off some of the things on your checklist before deciding.

Give a Tour and Stay Away

Once you pick the right cleaning company, take them on a tour of the premises and show them any trouble spots.
Be sure to state the time you expect the cleaning service to do their work. You can request they clean early in the morning before your work day starts or late in the evening when the business is closed. Whatever time you set should fit around your workflow.

Once you’ve outlined your expectations and any necessary procedures, such as checking in with security, leave them to do their job. Don’t interrupt or monitor the cleaners as they work.

Inspect the Job

After their first visit and at regular intervals during their contract, walk around the premises to inspect the work the cleaning company does. Satisfy yourself that the job is done as requested. Assuming it is, remember to appreciate the cleaners for the work they do. Not only will that boost their egos, but it’ll also motivate them to give you better service.

GSR has the right people to bring the sparkle you need on your premises. Contact us today to find out if we are the best fit for your business.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Ever wondered health professionals do it?

We have fantastic track record when it comes to the cleaning, maintenance and cleaning up of carpet so check out some of our tips on how the pros do it.

How to ensure that you get lasting value and a long life from your carpets

Vacuum the carpet regularly with a good quality vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush and a good filter. This will help reduce the buildup of oil as well as removing a lot of dust and gunk.

  • Examine the carpet before using any cleaner. Some carpet are quite sensitive to certain asset types of cleaners so it is important to check if your carpet is sensitive, otherwise the wrong cleaner could act as a bleach making the staying you are trying to remove the least of your problems.
  • Don’t you strong spotting agents in less necessary, and always neutralise the pH balance of a high alkaline cleaner after its use.
  • If you need to use a spotting agent, start with the mildest and slowly work towards the harsher cleaners.
  • Don’t brush the spot to clean it, the correct method is to rub it towards the middle and then compress using a cloth to soak up.
  • Be careful with detergents. Don’t increase the quantity beyond what is recommended because it won’t boost the efficiency of the cleaner. What actually happens is it will leave a residue which will be hard to remove with a vacuum cleaner. It’s this residue that will end up being sticky, and so it will attract more dust and lead to dirtier carpets faster than ever before.
  • Don’t use too much water. Using too much water can cause all sorts of problems including carpet shrinkage, warping, adhesion problems and colour changes.
  • Make sure the carpet is a dry within 12 hours of cleaning. Carpet that is slow to dry builds up mould and mildew, they smell and the smell tends to hang around a long time. So use a good ventilation, central heating or air conditioning to help dry carpets fast.
  • For some reason, people seem to spill a lot of chocolate milk on carpet. We have found the best product to remove this is called “simple green” (it’s non-toxic and we think it works great).

Taking care of your carpets will help make sure that the carpet last for a lot longer. Cleaning your carpet is something that should happen regularly, especially vacuuming. So how often you need to clean the carpet will depend on how much where it sees, the season and the weather and more.

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