5 Great Ways to Organise Your Home

Did you know that most of our productivity in our lives comes from just how organised we are in our home life? Well, hopefully you are here because you have realised that you are ready to get your home and life situated just a bit more. Here you’ll find plenty of ways to get and stay organised as you follow us through 50 economical ways to situate your home.

1. Create a place to hang cleaning items under the kitchen sink.

If you are lucky, you may already have a pipe or something underneath the kitchen sink to improvise on. If not, finding a way to add just one bar is enough to make this space more organised.


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2. Use a magnetic bar to store knives easier.

Finding and mounting a magnetic piece of metal is a very simple and cheap way to keep your knives organised. This method is also great to keep them out of reach from the kids.


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3. Create some dividers in your cupboards.

The cupboards can be hard to figure out how to organise when they are just lots of open space. Use some tension rods here and create some dividers so you can see what you have a lot easier.


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4. Use your magazine rack for more than just magazines.

Foil, Saran wrap, foil and even wax paper rolls are found easily when placed together inside of a magazine rack.


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5. Magazine racks can also prove useful for storing pot lids.

Who knew pot lids could be stored so easily and possibly in such a cute way? This idea is for everyone who can never seem to figure out where to store pot lids so they don’t get broken. Curtain rods also work well in this area.


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