5 Tips Sure to Free Your Home of Clutter

There seems to be a core belief among those who suffer from too much clutter that fixing it once will solve everything. Unfortunately, resolving your clutter situation once isn’t the end of the road. Actually, while it may be easier to maintain an uncluttered home, it’s harder to achieve it to begin with. To help you make a clutter free home of your own, I have put together 5 quick tips here. As you prepare your mind for what lies ahead, keep in mind it’s best not to over think the process or you may never remove your clutter.


The day-by-day clean out rule


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Get into the habit of freeing yourself of one thing a day. This can sound hard unless you realise that not everything you get rid of doesn’t have to go into the trash. Getting rid of things that are causing clutter can mean donating them to charity or even passing them on to a friend or family member that doesn’t live with you. It may not seem like you’re getting rid of much at first, but keep in mind there are 365 days in each year. That means, within two years of this, you will have gotten rid of over 700 items day-by-day.


The “something old for something new” rule


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This rule applies to anything in your home, but is best explained using clothing. Think of it as replacing something old with something new. Whether it be a new pair of pants, a new blouse or a new toaster, each item should replace an old one as the old one is removed from the home.


The clean up rush


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Some things are best done as if you are ripping off a bandage. To use this tip, choose a room or area to focus on and give yourself a time limit of up to two hours to get everything sorted out. The time limit you set for yourself is there to make sure you know your stopping point and that you don’t lose your enthusiasm by becoming reattached to sentimental items. Create bins for trash, charity, giving to friends/family and undecided before you get started. Once started, quickly go through the room/area and either put items in their proper place or into one of the bins. Once time is up, deal with each bin accordingly. Your bin for undecided items will need to be revisited to make hard decisions on later.


Set up bins for the house


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This is a more permanent solution that stems from our bins from step 3. Place your bins used in step 3 in an area of the home out-of-the-way and as you come across items every day, place them in the proper bin. After each day, deal with each bin with items in them appropriately.


The ASAP file tray


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If paperwork piling up around your home is an issue, think about this tip. Piles of paperwork usually happen when we just aren’t taking the time to file the away. Filing away documents immediately is the key to eliminating paper clutter. Having a small tray set aside for documents that must be filed away once full is what you will need here. This way, you shouldn’t have to ever feel intimidated by filing because there won’t be any large mountains of paperwork piling up.


As we have mentioned before, maintaining a clutter free home is actually the easy part. Use these tips here and you’ll be well on your way to a life where only maintaining things each day will be your only concern.