5 Great Ways to Organise Your Home

Did you know that most of our productivity in our lives comes from just how organised we are in our home life? Well, hopefully you are here because you have realised that you are ready to get your home and life situated just a bit more. Here you’ll find plenty of ways to get and stay organised as you follow us through 50 economical ways to situate your home.

1. Create a place to hang cleaning items under the kitchen sink.

If you are lucky, you may already have a pipe or something underneath the kitchen sink to improvise on. If not, finding a way to add just one bar is enough to make this space more organised.


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2. Use a magnetic bar to store knives easier.

Finding and mounting a magnetic piece of metal is a very simple and cheap way to keep your knives organised. This method is also great to keep them out of reach from the kids.


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3. Create some dividers in your cupboards.

The cupboards can be hard to figure out how to organise when they are just lots of open space. Use some tension rods here and create some dividers so you can see what you have a lot easier.


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4. Use your magazine rack for more than just magazines.

Foil, Saran wrap, foil and even wax paper rolls are found easily when placed together inside of a magazine rack.


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5. Magazine racks can also prove useful for storing pot lids.

Who knew pot lids could be stored so easily and possibly in such a cute way? This idea is for everyone who can never seem to figure out where to store pot lids so they don’t get broken. Curtain rods also work well in this area.


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Why Is Office Cleanliness Important?

Most of us spend more time at work than at any other place in our lives. The place you work has to have as much care and upkeep put into it as your home does. For at least 40 hours a week, it should be an easy task to come up with ways to keep it neat and clean. Why should it matter how clean a place you spend one third of your life is?


Well, we have a some points to share here that will help emphasise the importance of cleanliness in the workplace. You may want to share this with some co-workers or your entire office just to make sure everyone gets the memo.

A clean office can keep people from getting sick.

The fewer sick people in the workplace, the fewer sick days needed to be taken. Therefore, if nobody gets sick while being in the office, everyone has a better chance of coming to work each day. Keeping all surfaces disinfected and tidy is one of the best ways to keep germs to a minimum. Even if there’s a need to hire a crew to perform this task, it will be well worth it.



A clean office makes people feel better in the workplace.

One of the ways you can boost morale is by simply having a great smelling and clean office for everyone to work in. It has been proven in lots of cases that dirty office spaces can affect the morale of the team. That’s why it should be considered to boost morale and energy by keeping things organised, neat and smelling great.

A clean office is a productive one.

With everyone being healthy and having a boosted morale due to a clean office, productivity is sure to sky-rocket. Having everything everyone needs in an easily accessible place and reduced clutter, you’ll notice a tremendous increase in office productivity. Saving time of finding things also eliminates frustration and allows the team to focus their energy on the main work goals.



Clean workspaces reflect a better office image.

If at first you think that the workspace of your co-workers doesn’t affect your image, you would be wrong. The cleanliness of the entire office is necessary for a positive image of the office. Every person that has to visit your office for any reason will gather their own opinion of the office regardless of whether a few people seem to have their space in order. Therefore, making sure the entire office looks great as a whole gives more credibility to everyone that works in it.



A little effort goes a long way.

Daily management of things like wood surfaces and carpet will go a long way to saving in saving money to buy new carpet or other expensive office furnishings.

Like so many others, you probably didn’t realise just how important having a clean office space really is. Hopefully now you will be able to understand and share this with others who will benefit from this information.


Choosing Seeds For Your Garden

Have you already gone through your spring/summer seed wish list and purchased all that you need? How did you go about making your selections for your expected garden? As always, there’s a chance you might have left out something very necessary for your garden and just haven’t realised it yet.



With a better way of creating that wish list and knowing what to look for, hopefully you wont leave out anything in the future. Take a look at this quick guide for helping you choose your seeds and you should be busy exercising that green thumb of yours in no time.

Be sure to read all labels

Learning as much as possible about the seeds you are thinking about is crucial to their survival. Knowing whether they require a certain environment you may not have is definitely something you’ll need to know among other things that can very easily be discovered just by taking the time to read the labels.



Purchase more than you think you will need (when possible)

Vegetable such as lettuce, radish, spinach and beans tend to grow fast and can be planted many times during spring/summer seasons. Therefore, if you want to maximise on your harvest, buy as many seeds as possible in advance.


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Be very selective with what seeds you will buy

It your family or another family won’t benefit from the harvest, it’s best not to waste the time, energy and space to plant those seeds. However, with each passing season, trying out new seeds a little at a time can become a benefit if they have an immediate benefit.


Consider the amount of space you have

This one really goes without saying. If you don’t have a lot of space to grow a certain amount of smaller veggies, don’t try planting things that will need a lot of space. If you only have enough space for things like tomatoes, beans or peppers, don’t try planting watermelon and pumpkin in that same space.


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Check out ordering seeds online

There may come a time you will look for a certain type of seed and not find it in your area. Seeking out some of those seeds online can prove to be a great help to remedy cases of those hard to find seeds you have on your wish list.

This has just been a quick reminder of some things to be mindful of when choosing the seeds you want to plant in your garden. What are some things you like to do when deciding on which seeds you’ll buy? Adding some or all of these into that process will help make your wish list much more economical and attainable for the long-term.