How to Clean and Store Your Wedding Dress

If you, like the millions of women store your wedding dress as it is without sending it for dry-cleaning, you’re making a huge mistake. Though it’s a feeling of nostalgia to keep the dress as it is, you are actually damaging it in the long run. Perspiration, perfume and food particles leave a smell and residue on the dress, which if not cleaned up will later damage the fabric of the dress. So, the first thing to do is to send your dress to the dry cleaner atleast 2 weeks after the wedding. Here are some tips to clean and store your wedding dress.

– Send Your Dress to an Experienced Dry Cleaner

Since it’s your wedding dress, don’t just send it to any random dry-cleaner. Make sure you choose someone who has experience in dry cleaning bridal clothes. It may be expensive, but it could be worth it. Don’t get your dress spoiled, just to save some bucks.

– Inspect Your Dress After It’s Done

Once the dress is done, do make sure you inspect the dress carefully especially if you have had any incident of a food or drink spill. Take care of stains and make sure they are all removed properly.

– Discuss the Wash and Clean with the Dress Maker

When purchasing the dress, do make sure you discuss the wash and clean details with the dress maker. If possible, ask them if they can direct you to an expert dry cleaning service. This is especially important if the dress has intricate embellishment that needs special care.

You’ve had your dress cleaned – now what?


Ok. So, you’ve had the dress cleaned. Now what? Storing a wedding dress requires special attention. There are a number of creative ideas to use when storing your dress. You can put it in zipped plastic bag or you can cover it with soft tissue papers and store it in a decorative box, designed to be handled down generations. Do make sure to remove any safety pins or metal objects on the dress as over time it could rust and spoil the dress.

Now, this is an additional thing you need to do. Once in a while, take out the dress and check up on it. Sometimes, leaving a dress as it is will cause it to turn yellow. If the dress is crumpled or has some hard crease, do iron it again and change the storage option. Its better if you store the dress in a cardboard box instead of a plastic box, because plastic containers usually develop moisture and the dress can develop mildew. Its necessary for the dress to have some breathing room – if not, the moisture will result in a mildew and cause a pungent smell. Do not store the dress in a dark place like an attic or basement. Your wardrobe is the best spot for it or better yet a suitcase.

With these basic tips, preserve your dress and keep it as fresh and lively as it is now, if you’d like your future daughter to wear it for their wedding!

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Cleaning A Child’s Bedroom in only 15 Minutes per Day

Cleaning your child’s bedroom can be something that we all dread, but in truth with just 15 minutes per day you can clean your child’s room and keep it spic and span.

The key is consistently spending 15 minutes every day.

Messy Kids Bedroom

Supplies needed

  • Rubbish bags
  • Laundry basket
  • A “things to donate” container
  • Assorted baskets, buckets and boxes for assorted items
  • Labels

Getting started

If when you walk into the room it looks like a bomb skidded then chances are you going to look at it and think that 15 minutes just isn’t going to cut it. This couldn’t be further from the truth, spend just 15 minutes (if you need to set a timer) and in that time just do your best to remove the majority of clutter and mess from just one area. Within about a week you will be amazed at the amount of progress that you have made and you should be ready to move on to a regular maintenance schedule.

The regular maintenance schedule


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Clear clutter from all surfaces (dresses, tables, bookcases etc)


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Dust all surfaces (this should be easy now that everything has less clutter)


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Tidy the floor, specifically just the visible areas


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Sweep or vacuum


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Pick one place in the room that your child needs to tidy. It can help to make a list of all the problem areas in the room and slowly check them off. Some great places to start include under the bed, behind the dresser, a dresser drawer or just one shelf.


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Change the sheets, and take all the dirty laundry to the laundry


Make the bed (or have your child do this)

Relax, take a day off, your done

The best way to do it

Ideally, your child should do all of these tasks (depending on their age) so that they can learn how good it is to have a clean room and so that they can build healthy habits for the rest of their life. It only takes 15 minutes to keep the room need to tidy and looking great.

You need any help in keeping your house tidy, let us know, we would love to help.

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Tips on how to hire a great cleaner

Finding someone that you trust to clean your house or business is harder than most people think. Not only is important that you can have someone that you trust to work with little or no supervision around your valuables, but you also need to have someone that you can trust to be reliable and to do a great job.

And what if they break something that is a valuable? Or become injured? And how do you work out what specific tasks they will do?

Where should you look

Getting advice from reliable and impartial sources is critical in deciding who to trust. So if you know somebody who has a cleaner, then they may be a great place to start. Other than that, online reviews are one of the best ways to find who is reliable. is a great online review source, there are reviews are quality checked and done away that you can be quite sure that they are from real customers.

Six questions that you should ask any cleaner

How long have you been in business

A well-established company will have a long list of references, be highly experienced and have dealt with all of the situations that you are likely to encounter. They should provide you with at least three references (and you should call at least three references).

Ask about the turnover rate they have with employees

Housecleaning usually has a very high turnover rate, a lot of employees don’t stay longer than 3 to 5 months and having this change in personnel means trusting someone you in your home frequently. Companies with lower turnover rates generally produce a higher quality results because they hire the right people, treat them well and save time on retraining.

What cleaning supplies do you use, and what cleaning methods?

Some cleaning services bring their own cleaning supplies and others preferred you to supply them for them. Knowing what this actually means can be highly beneficial, for example for some cleaning companies they consider bringing their own cleaning equipment as simply bringing a rag and a bottle of spray.

Do you have insurance?

Insurance is great and any cleaning company that you engage should happen. Insurance not only helps to protect you from a cleaner getting injured on your site, but also it is there to protect the value of your assets.

How long will it take to clean house of my size?

Sometimes it will focus on a rate per hour, but the best way to look at it is how much to complete the job. Some cleaning companies spend longer than others, and other cleaning companies complete more tasks. So when you’re looking at a cleaning service just make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. Knowing what specific tasks they do and how long they spend can help you get a better understanding of value.

Do you guarantee your work?

Some cleaning companies offer quality guarantees including 24-hour satisfaction guarantees. Check to see if you’re cleaning company is confident enough with their work to guarantee that you will like it.